An action to intimidate KPE

Almost every day in our country, there are positive developments. However, do not give up too old. And what a parasite voluntarily let his prey and begins to engage in producing work?

July 13th annual convention opened UNITY colleagues conducted movement "Heading truth and ezhineniya." About KPE, you can write a lot, but it’s easier to read required on the official site. Let me just say that the vast majority of stoonnikov — people voluntarily give up smoking, drinking alcohol and other drugs. Smoking and drinking alcohol in Congress traditionally prohibited. Punishment — the immediate expulsion … 

The following is the text of the treatment (cleaned or replaced the common names in the text names of people)

July 13, 2013KPE to rally in the Nizhny Novgorod region came to check the FSB, drug control department of the "E", FMS. UAZ two dogs, plus a cordon of about 40 people. At the time of inspection and search at the recreation center was included hardware overwhelming cellular signals, phones did not work. During the testThe following books have been withdrawn by the BER:

CEDC, Short Course, and a number of books and CDs. After checking and seizure rally was continued on schedule.

Simultaneously were conductedsearches in the central headquarters of the variable capacitorin Moscow, at the President KPE home in Moscow and Vladivostok, and our friends in St. Petersburg.

In VladivostokChairman of the variable capacitor in the apartment was only his wife and teenage son.Special forces cordoned off the house, the search began at 12 am and continued until 5 am. The woman of the night at the apartment door did not open unknown people, so the FSBcut the door and walked into the apartment.
During the search,behaved in a boorishIntimidated womanthat will take away her son and taken away to a hospital. Total in Vladivostok in the search and cordonwere involvedabout50 people(Itagainst women and minors!).

In Moscow apartment Chairman KPE staff also Hamili, cursing and do not bother to bring a search warrant.

In the Moscow headquarters of the variable capacitor and Petrograd comrades during the search were seized computers and hard drives, the literature on the BER, Book Publishing 2000 — 2002 gg., archive kpc.All actions carried out in the absence of members of the variable capacitor. Staff of the safe and the bags were stolen money teammate.

The reasonfor the FSB, the drug control department of the "E" and FMS all of these activitieswas the case, allegedly instituted May 17, 2013 against the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the variable capacitor on Article 282 of the Criminal Code, upon recognition of the book Petrova KP "Secrets of the control of mankind" and the book IP USSR "Dead Water" extremist. This can not be true because:

— BUSINESSthe recognition of the book Petrova KP "Secrets of the control of mankind" extremistreturned to Novosibirskregional courtfor re-raswatchingthe Court of First Instance thatautomatically cancels the decisionCentral district court of Novosibirsk.

— Work IP USSR "Dead water"ExtremistNO NOT RECOGNIZED BY THE COURTJuly 16Lefortovo court held onlyThe first hearingin this case.

Thus,it should be apparent, that synchronizedaction special services(FSB, the drug control department of the "E" and the FMS), Backed up by court order,is the action of intimidation KPEandaimed at inflicting maximum damage and demoralize supporters of the Party. As the day was chosen as supporters gathered for a rally variable capacitor — a traditional event to which party members are preparing for a year. But the President was not a variable capacitor in Vladivostok or Moscow. He was also at the rally. Central Headquarters was also empty.

The fact that itAct of intimidationis the fact that the actionwas carried outwith a huge number of staff above departments,in the best traditions of policemen and punitive. If the organizers of all this mayhem would like to find out essentially in the affairs of KPE, paspropagating our literature, they would have acted differently. But apparently it is about "stars on the epaulets" and material wealth for the "successful struggle against extremism."

However, the organizers are not respected whiwith13.07.13 limits, you should keep in mind thatfor us — for KPE TRUTH!
And for you BUWithLIMIT!

Andyour agony has limits, you are God’s permission mechanism launched against yourself!So do not be surprised on all proizhodyaschemu with your lives!

Our cause is just!
Victory is ours!

Source, the official website of KPE, discussion forum activity —

Photo consequences searched the Moscow headquarters of the variable capacitor here —

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