An efficient solar power plant

Within the framework of the project «SILICON-IN-RU» (International Program "Solar flux"), the project management company ZAO "Silicon-in-ru", together with "SOLEKS-R" (a strategic partner of the Project and the Program) released solar power plant SPP SP 4000K "Solar Flow" (hereinafter SPP SP 4000K) — efficient power photovoltaic device.

SPP SP 4000K represents a movable support structure (tracker) consisting of a frame and the guidance system in the sun, which are installed photovoltaic solar module (FSM) and mirrored solar concentrators (ZKSE).
Depending on the purpose of SPP can be produced as an output DC voltage, and a voltage of 220V AC, 50Hz. In the latter case, the SPP can be equipped with a special two-input inverter.

Installation of EMS is on concrete foundations with installed steel supports (mortgage). Installation time is one of SPP prepared foundations for no more than two days.

Analogues of SPP SP 4000K by LLC "SOLEKS-R" successfully work in terms of South Korea and the Czech Republic. Payback period of the use of solar power plants built on the basis of SPP SP 4000K (due to a significant reduction in operating costs)
— No storage of electricity on the batteries — 4-5 years;
— Using the drive on batteries — 7-9 years.

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