An example of the commercialization of research and development

Siberian Federal University in cooperation with the group of companies "Energolab" presented at the X International Specialized Exhibition "Research Expo" equipment and water toxicity bioassay techniques and the establishment of the hazard waste. 

Department of Ecology and Environmental SFU for over 6 years of successful experience in the field of commercialization of research and development.

In 2005, between the Department and ZAO "SPETSKOMPLEKTRESURS 2001" within the group of companies "Energolab" was signed a license agreement under which during 2005-2011 in environmental laboratories RTN known environmental organizations and environmental monitoring services Russia was introduced more than a thousand units of several modifications, developed by scientists SFU.  

Development of SFU reserved 5 patents Russia. Siberian Federal University is at its base training on the use of a unique complex with the issuance of state certificate.

According to Professor Yury Grigoriev SFU, "methods of water quality assessment by the reaction of living organisms exist for a long time. Applies to the Russian series of bioassays, but not all of them have high technical and operational characteristics. During the last ten years, we at the Department developed a unique set of operational procedures and special, fully automated and accurate equipment. This set enables you to standardize the whole process of measurement of water toxicity, establishing classes of hazardous waste. "   


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