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How much has happened with the "locomotive" from May 19, 1987 the first of the year. Come to a "locomotive" — with all of our football, with the country, with people with ideas. It was May 19, 1987-the year "locomotive" for the last time lost "Rostselmash" / "Rostov" and the end of the series to be seen.

In 1987, Anatoly Byshovets almost certainly show off something else, but not the Olympic gold medal.

Denis Glushakov 19 May 1987 the first year was a little less than four month baby and could hardly imagine what will be one of the main hopes far from Millerovo "Locomotive" in matches and the nearest of the big clubs to Millerovo "Rostov" as well.

The same one we now know as Sasha Minchenkova and Ruslan Kambolova, the same year that does not exist in nature.

"Locomotive" -1987. I personally know of only schschey Pavlovich (left most of the jackets) and has never been "Grandfather" Gorlukovich (second from left in the top row). Look at these people — they last played, "Rostov" as locomotives.

"Locomotive" was defeated in his field progenitor "Rostov" — "Rostselmash" with a score of 1-2. Yuri Pavlovich has led the team the second year, but in the course of his second season, has repeatedly complained about the instability of his players in the game. Instability summed up "Locomotive" and 19 May: playing during the meeting 0-2, "Lokomotiv" only at the very end of the match otkvitat managed one goal. In the end, despite the serious doubts of experts and analysts in the "Locomotive" vapsche and Palycha in particular, "Lokomotiv" still managed to get to the big leagues on the results of the 1987 season of the year. Read more about the season can be found here.

Since then, the locomotives had with the Rostov 33 meeting. 22 times "Locomotive" and won 11 once teams tied. During these meetings, "Locomotive" is scored 58 balls, "Rostselmash" / "Rostov" — 21. And not a single defeat "Locomotive" for all these years. Either at home or on the road.

Usually I dread what to do whatsoever with regards to predictions of matches "Locomotive". Touch wood, Who knows what will reflect our captain when submitting the next corner at the gate or that vtemyashit the head judge at the junction of "shoulder to shoulder" in our area. But the match with the "Rostov" — not the case. We can not lose, "Rostov" stupid, because this can not happen ever.

First of all this can not happen because we — "Locomotive", and they — "Rostov". Even Rostov ormeytsy, and those — won in its history something. "Rostov" did not win anything, not in the Soviet Union or in Russian football.

Secondly it can not happen because we — locomotives, and they — vultures. Those who have seen the year before last shooting, and those who participated in a rented event will understand what I mean. And I would like to see the players of "Locomotive" realize that we need is not just a victory over the "Rostov", but a serious beating perpetrated by the enemies on the football field. Spanking, esicho is when the 2-0 in our favor is not enough, and not from the left 1-0 thanks to a goal or a penalty of commotion at the gate.

Thirdly it can not happen because I firmly believe: among the players of "Locomotive" not wanting to get on the wall of shame as a member of the first with the 1987 team, which was able to find the moral strength to defecate "Rostov". All the same, I want to believe that they have guys traveling :)

We are stronger, and therefore we will win!

Author: ya_torpedko

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