And again about space elevators

Russian scientists have decided to create an unprecedented scientific laboratory. Earth orbit, they offer a cable link between the ISS laboratory and end platform for learning and testing of a space elevator. The project has been fully developed, it is necessary to find financing. In the event that the financial issue is resolved, the first test of the new technology could take place already in 2013.


Researchers suggest separated from the orbital manned space station on a cable and a special laboratory to conduct her research eksperimenty.Blagodarya rotation of three objects relative to each other in the system appears artificial gravity, which is needed in the space laboratory.

Initially planned to experience such an electrodynamic rope system on the basis of the ISS and Progress cargo ship. In the experiment, the cargo ship Progress should be separate from the station, but remain associated with it a special cable. With cable systems will create artificial gravity on the objects that are separated from the Russian scientific satellite Foton-M and Bion-M. In the future, these systems will be used to create microgravity servicing spacecraft, providing radio, with their help, you can also carry out rendezvous and docking of spacecraft.

By the way, as we wrote previously, similar studies are underway and abroad. U.S. space agency NASA is looking for ways to travel into space without the use of shuttles.

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