And if the Russians are poor? Or as we say lies ratings

If we believe the data of any foreign indices and ratings, which are almost the daily publish our media, the hapless Russians already have a mass start envying Zimbabweans Bangladeshis burkinafasostsam especially gvadeluptsam! So all of us, judging by these writings, catastrophically bad! And the investment attractiveness, then Russia is lower than that of Africa, and of freedom and democracy, then we have hardly any less than in North Korea, and in general they say, very soon we will catch up on all parameters and may even surpass the Papua New Guinea! ..

It is true that people are more or less familiar with the real situation, the positions taken by our country in all these ratings, cause, to put it mildly. But to argue with the authors of these "studies" in the vast majority of cases it is very difficult. For all too rarely do they bother to even a semblance of reasoning. No figures actually confirming the validity of the assigned infamous Russian positions, usually not given. As a rule, some anonymous, it is unclear on what basis the selected "experts" for some reason here and so decided and no commets! ..
But sometimes, very rarely, some figures in these publications are still slipping. And then the true "value" of all these "studies" becomes very apparent … One has only to pick up a calculator and turn the brain.

Here is one recent example … In the October level study of global wealth held research institute of one of the largest Swiss banks, it is alleged that as of mid-2010, the total valuation of assets 4.4 billion people on the planet over 20 years is $ 194.5 trillion. , equivalent to $ 43.8 million for each adult world. In the world leaders in terms of wealth attributable to an adult, as expected, appear primarily on the country for decades and sometimes centuries, with no one really did not fight the country for a long time deftly enriches the problems of its neighbors, as well as the country’s rich natural resources or has a unique geographical location and at the same time having a small population.

In the first place: Switzerland ($ 326.53 million), Norway ($ 372.69 million), Australia ($ 320.9 million), Singapore ($ 255.49 million), France ($ 255.16 million). For every American has an average of 236 assets, $ 2 million … But the level of welfare in Russia, according to the materials of the same investigation, was allegedly already 23 times less than the U.S., one-quarter of the world average and measly $ 10,408 on each adult average Russian!

Here is what we are poor! Even poor Indonesians had somehow turned a 17% richer than us (they came out on $ 12,112 at his brother)! .. And curiously, none of our media people giving out these ridiculous figures did not show even the slightest doubt as to their authenticity! Although it would seem, what could be easier! Take the publicly available data of Rosstat and double-… But no! Apparently decades of self-abasement were not in vain, and many of our journalists sincerely believe in what the Russians and actually live almost the worst in the universe! .. But we try to perceive reality adequately and do not believe a word even esteemed Swiss authorities … Therefore take up a calculator and consider …

So … the amount of personal wealth Swiss analysts calculated as the value of financial (cash, stocks, bonds, pension funds, insurance, etc.) and non-financial assets (mainly real estate), net debt … What are the financial assets of the Russians? According to the Federal State Statistics Service, in September of this year, the population of Russia in one form or another (not counting currency and foreign assets) has been accumulated about 10.7 trillion. rub. Or about 350 billion U.S. dollars. Plus the currency is not less than $ 50 billion. Total for $ 400 billion

Adults, i.e. persons over 20 years in Russia now, again according to the Federal State Statistics Service, about 111.5 million people. That is, per adult per capita is about $ 3,600 financial savings …

Next, consider our non-financial assets. Let’s start with the little things. That is, with durable goods. The same Federal State Statistics Service has estimated that in 2007 for every 100 Russian households had approximately 149 television (the average standing at our minimum estimates of $ 150), 62 VCR (about $ 100), 50 players or recorders (about $ 70) , 38 muses. centers (100 $) 40 PC (at least $ 300), 119 refrigerators or freezers (250 $) 100 washing machine ($ 200), vacuum cleaners 88 ($ 70), 57 sewing or knitting machine (100 $) 40 passenger car (average $ 5000). Total, Used, with markdowns of 50% of the list obtained by approximately $ 305,000 for every 100 families or somewhere roughly 200 adults. That is, approximately $ 1,500 per adult …

More … Everyone has a minimum of furniture for $ 1,000. clothing and an average of 500 -1000 dollars each plus the average cell phone ($ 100), according to ringlet, and women and set of earrings (more minutes. $ 200.). We add here the dishes and linens (another 200 dollars.). Next priplyusuem books, irons, combines, air conditioners, fans, decorative items, mirrors, pets and other small thing. It’s at least another $ 300 … Total per adult Russian soul, for the most modest estimates, account for household items, on average somewhere in the 4000-5000 dollars. Add up these minutes. 4000 and $ 3600 of financial savings, subtract the debt of about $ 200 and get around $ 7400 per adult per capita. Well, not so much.

And now the fun part! We have not evaluated the most expensive asset! That is, real estate … In the middle of this year every Russian (including children) accounted for 22.2 square meters. meters of housing capital. If we consider only the adult, you get to 28 square meters. meters per person. And every square meter of the national average is about 53 000. (Or about 1,750 dollars per square meter) … We do not know how to consider the Swiss (although it seems that they used the data for the blessed memory in 1991, the year of total destruction), but it turns out that only the value of property attributable to each adult in Russia (and it’s about $ 48,500 on average per adult) for almost five times higher than the figures derived by them! Let us add here we calculated earlier $ 7400 financial and non-financial assets and receive an average of about $ 56,000 assets per adult in Russia. And that’s not counting the cost of garages, houses, farms, shares in domestic companies and so on! … And, well, not taking into account the overseas assets of our citizens, including those stored in and in Swiss banks and pulling for at least half a trillion $

If we consider all this, on average, for each adult in Russia will account for a wide variety of assets worth an average of about $ 65,000 U.S. … It is about one and a half times more than the world average, three times higher than China, 15 times higher than India’s and six times more than we counted Zurich bankers!

Here’s a she, the much-vaunted Swiss precision! Thus, to summarize our calculations, it is possible with a high degree of certainty that the actual level of well-being (not living) of Russians AVG is probably the highest in Eastern Europe. Again, according to a study of Swiss, relative to other countries! That’s … "Trust, but verify!"

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