And in export … apply the know-how

The intentions of Russian nuclear scientists to build a modern nuclear power plant in Turkey on new terms (Russian know-how) — "STORY — KNOW — operate" gets real features.

In May, 2010. during the visit of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to Turkey signed an agreement on cooperation between the two countries in the field of construction and operation of the first nuclear power plant in Turkey.

Turkey’s first nuclear power plant project "Akkuyu" includes the construction of four nuclear reactors, the power of each unit — 1,200 megawatts, which together will produce a year on a Turkish nuclear power plant more than 40 billion kilowatt / hour of electricity.
In 2013. in the Turkish province of Mersin (200 km from Antalya to the east) on the Mediterranean coast of the plan is to start pouring concrete in the foundation of the first power plant and associated facilities "Akkuyu."

In Turkey (which distinguishes this project from all other foreign orders "Rosatom") for the first time decided to use a new scheme liabilities and settlements between those who undertake to build a nuclear power plant, and the party that agrees to provide a platform to post such a complex and dangerous object, at the same time becoming a consumer of electricity produced by nuclear power plants.

With regard to nuclear power, "Akkuyu" this "mechanism" (know-how), called BOO — "build — KNOW — operate" and to this day do not apply in the world of atomic energy, reads as follows.

Customer all the work on the creation of nuclear power plants, as well as the owner then built and put into operation the plant (including energy generated) is engineering and construction company JSC "Akkuyu."
The founders of it in the form of joint-stock company Russian steel companies:
"ASE", "Rosenergoatom", "Atomtekhenergo", "Atomenergoremont" and "Inter RAO UES". This joint-stock company JSC "Akkuyu" was registered in December 2010 in Ankara.
The obligations of the Turkish side — is to guarantee the purchase of works created by nuclear power plants "Akkuyu" electricity for the first 15 years of operation at a fixed price.
Who hath made both sides compromise on the main problem — the price of electricity was eventually found not long ago. This fixed price (including the construction of "turnkey") have been reported at the level of 0.1235 U.S. dollars per kW / h
Russia has also been recently established company ZAO "Rusatom Overseas", which will perform the task to build the portfolio of orders for the construction of Russian nuclear power plants abroad, as well as act as the investment manager of the customer and foreign projects.
And the first of these objects — this is just NPP "Akkuyu" in Turkey.
Apparently, the same pattern is now Russia will offer to create nuclear power plants and in other developing countries (and in dozens of countries wishing to list — Belarus, Venezuela, Vietnam, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, and others).
For example, the company recently "ASE" passed the Atomic Energy Commission of Jordan the final part of the offer of the Russian tender for the construction of the first nuclear power plant in Jordan (with the full expectation of construction price …).
Competition for the construction of nuclear power plants in Jordan is expected soon, and the winner will be determined in November 2011.
The Russian proposal to build a nuclear power plant in the new environment "ranks — None — exploiting" should have major advantages for commerce and ensure the safe operation of the nuclear power plant, as compared to other competitors (two consortia known companies in France, Japan, Canada and South Korea).
By the way, the Intergovernmental Agreement on the establishment of nuclear power plants "Akkuyu" and provides free education for citizens of Turkey further work on the Turkish NPP "Akkuyu."
Turkish students will be trained in the Russian National Research Nuclear University MEPI for six and a half years.
Competition for training already undertaken and was very high: 50 people have applied for about 10,000 students of Turkey’s leading technical universities.
The Ministry of Education and Science of Russia in 2011. has already allocated the State Corporation "Rosatom" 50 quotas for training of citizens of Turkey.
They will be paid academic scholarship and a monthly allowance from the project — the construction company JSC "NPP AKKUYU."

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