And so the victory is sweet to dress like a girl in pearls. About

the release of al-Kseyra

In the area between the Syrian city of Homs and al-Kseyrom — border climate zone. If you drive from Damascus, then to the area — dry land, the low mountains covered in a poor and sparse vegetation, and none of the reservoir. And already at Homs begins  full of life the beauty of nature — the holiday greenery and flowers, talkative and silent river lake. In the distance are blue distant mountains — this is Lebanon. Confrontation line of Syrian army and terrorists a few days ago was held on the same territory, but the soldiers managed to dramatically shift to their advantage.

Tanks … make a dusty road in the mess in which almost drowned cars. The wind blows — and this dust creates a kind of gray-brown haze. On the way to Al-Kseyr — destroyed houses and shops, the victims of the mosque. But there is — and the green gardens with tender saplings against the distant blue mountains. One can not help recall the verses Gumilev:
The country, which could be a paradise,

Became the lair of fire.
We are attacking the fourth day,
We did not eat for four days.

The onset of the Syrian army in the city occupied by terrorists lasted much longer than 4 days. It began on March 19, and at first the military managed to mop up two thirds of Al-Kseyra. Then the soldiers-liberators faced serious obstacles. The terrorists holed up in the northern section of the city.

Logistical support provided to them by external forces. In particular, the Israeli army team managed to find a car with modern communication technology. On the streets of the militants were installed video cameras — the notorious "non-lethal equipment," which passed the rebels United States, believing it to be a manifestation of humanism. But this "non-lethal assistance" used by militants in an apparent lethal purposes — they tracked the movements of the army and as soon as the soldiers fit, they were killed by an explosive device with a remote control. How many mothers are now impatiently his sons — young defenders of the homeland, killed by the notorious "non-lethal" equipment! All the "guilt" of these soldiers — that they honestly fulfilled their duty, went to the legitimate army of their country and fought to the last breath with brutalized by terrorists.

But the Syrian army could not win this battle. The morning of June 5, started the decisive counter-terrorist special operation. Defeated headquarters together with the leaders of the militants. The terrorists left without coordinators could not stand the pressure of the military were forced to "tactical retreat" to the village of Al-Dabaa. The city was liberated. 6 June came the news that the village Al-Dabaa also cleared of bandits, many of them are eliminated, others surrendered. In this battle, it has not helped any Western aid or Israeli intelligence without a cry of "democrats" in the world (especially, of course, the West) about how sorry poor little boevichkov.

Individuals who have taken it upon themselves to speak on behalf of the "democratic" public these days trying to push through the UN Security Council special statement condemning the actions of the Syrian army in the city of Al-Kseyr. The project is so controversial "document" has made Britain — as usual, NATO countries take turns making at international events such menacing-judgmental lampoons.

At a meeting of the UN Security Council on June 1 Russia vetoed the project. Commenting on the decision, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich recalled that for a long time, this city and its neighborhood, which were places of high activity of illegal armed groups and militants expelled from it almost all Christians and Alawites, turned the temple into the headquarters, created acts robbery and robbery in the nearby villages, home to mostly Shiites. The Foreign Ministry also said that the terrorists have created a kind of "Islamic Council", which operated in conjunction with the "An-Nusra Dzhebhat" (the organization is closely associated with "Al-Qaeda" and was recently included in the UN Security Council terrorist list).

"It can hardly be called a timely proposal to raise the voice of the international community in a situation where the Syrian army completes the counter-terrorist operation against militants in the months uncontrollably terrorizing the Syrian people in the border town. However, during this time, no one drew attention to the suffering experienced by the inhabitants of the city ", — said the spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Lukashevich also pointed out that the militants put up fierce resistance because aware that the loss of al-Kseyra would deprive them from getting weapons and reinforcements from the mercenaries.

The UN Security Council was not the only venue through which opponents of Syria brought in as their biased accusations against military personnel — were fighting terrorism. In parallel, Qatar and Turkey have made to the UN Council on Human Rights to draft a document that responsibility, as expected, assigned to only one side — the Syrian leadership and the army. But not a word was said about the terrible crimes committed by rebels so-called "opposition".

The Russian Foreign Ministry said on this document: "The resolution is biased and actually misinform the international community. The blame for the violence in Al-Kseyre rests solely with the official Damascus. Condemned the involvement of foreign combatants in the conflict on the side of the Syrian government. But not a word about the numerous human rights violations, atrocities and abuses against civilians in Al-Kseyre committed by the related "Al-Qaeda" armed gangs are fighting in the ranks of foreign jihadists. Advance indiscriminately putting the blame for the violence in Al-Quseir on the Syrian government, the authors of the resolution provided for the order of the Independent Commission to conduct a separate investigation of these events. In fact, it’s about trying to impose on the Commission the results of such an investigation. "

Foreign Ministry spokesman said that "the consensus adoption of the resolution — as co-authors wanted to — they did not work, and refused to support the text of the 11 states — twice more than in the course of making the HRC resolution on Syria in March of this year. This is direct evidence that more and more states are not going to subscribe to the idea, working on a radical Syrian opposition and undermine prospects for a political settlement in Syria. "

At a meeting of the HRC Russian permanent representative to the UN in Geneva A.Borodavkin, who stressed that the proposed resolution is untimely and counterproductive. It is aimed at undermining the efforts to convene an international conference on Syria. According to him, the document "is clearly working on one of the sides in the Syrian conflict — namely, a radical opposition, to make bets on the continuation of the armed conflict." That’s why — said the diplomat — the project is not a word of condemnation fighting on the side of the opposition of foreign terrorists, in particular, of "An-Nusra Dzhebhat." And yet they carry out acts of terrorism and bloody crimes, up to cannibalism, — said the representative of the Russian Federation.

In general, despite the fact that bias in the resolution adopted FH, — its supported countries much less than before. In many ways, it happened because of the position of Russia.

And the reaction of the "opposition
" was not long in coming. Feeling behind the support of the West, the bandits heads to put an ultimatum to Russia!
The so-called "Free Syrian Army" squeaked that requires Russia … "stop trying to prevent international intervention in the Syrian conflict."

On the other hand, the "opposition" and threatened Lebanon. Already almost open war (before Russia while still afraid of saber-rattling!)
The ringleader of a CCA Salim Idris urged the UN Security Council to take tough action against "aggression by foreign fighters." Otherwise, threatened to turn their terrorist activities "in the advanced cross-border conflict."

What is meant by Idris "aggression of foreign fighters"? Really changed his mind and remembered that on the side of pseudo-there are hundreds of foreign fighters from all over the world? Not at all. So what’s the deal? Very simple — the leader suggests, as if on the side of the Syrian army soldiers are fighting the Lebanese party "Hezbollah".

The prosecution sucked from the finger. If the "Hezbollah" and played a role — it is due to the fact that Al-Kseyr is just 15 kilometers from the Syrian-Lebanese border. The militants have repeatedly fired on Lebanese territory, trying to navigate between the border without inquiring about the legality of such action, attacked the village of Lebanese. In these circumstances, the men "Hezbollah" have been forced to guard the border, as the forces of the uninvited "guests." Lebanese TV channel "Al-Mayadin" gave an official statement, "Hizballah" on the matter, which states that the soldiers defended the Lebanese village of militants and their relatives.

Militants also so-called "Syrian opposition" significantly overstated the role of the Lebanese party. But they pretended that they "forgot" about the number of foreign fighters in their own ranks!

And that — not the statement itself of government forces in Syria. This is indicated by American officials, who can hardly be suspected of sympathizing with the management of CAP.

Thus, the American Consulting Center "Flashpoint Global Partners" has prepared a report, which noted that from July 2012 to May 2013 was destroyed at least 280 foreign fighters from the United States, Chechnya, Kosovo, Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Libya, Saudi Arabia. It — only among destroyed! Typically, these are well-trained militants and eliminate them is not easy.

The Washington Institute for Near East Aaron Zelin admitted that in Syria there are between 500 and 800 people from the countries of Europe. And the infiltration of terrorists from different countries continues.

But this intervention militants so-called "opposition" is not enough! From Russia, they require a "not to prevent outside interference," and from the UN Security Council — on the contrary, to prevent "aggression by foreign fighters"! Is not it, two completely opposite requirements? It turns out that external intervention on the side of the "opposition" — that’s good, and preventing such intervention — no? This once again shows the face psevdooppozitsionerov, ready to give the country at the mercy of foreigners.

In the meantime, residents of Al-exempt Kseyra went on a mass demonstration in support of the legitimate Syrian Army. It took place on June 6. It was attended by the governor of the province of Homs Muhammad Munir Ahmad and Secretary of the Department Arab Baath Socialist Party in the province of Homs Subhi Harb, who arrived in the city and listen to the wishes of its inhabitants. The arrival of these people proves once again that the army took the city to stay.
People walking along the streets of liberated wounded city. They carried flags and portraits of the President. Chanted slogans in support of the Syrian army, which freed hundreds of people who were "human shield" bandits. People are going to take part in the restoration and improvement of the city so that it is even better than before.

I would like to finish the re-ENU words:
And so sweet to dress victory
Like a girl in pearls
Walking through the smoky trail
Retreating enemy.

"Victory in Al Kseyr open doors to new successes Syrian army throughout the country. This is — a message to all those who participated in the aggression against the CAP, that the armed forces are able to withstand any challenges ", — stated in the statement of the Supreme Command.Author Elena Gromov, Damascus

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