Angstrom opened a development lab in the Southern Federal University

"Angstrom" and the Southern Federal University signed a long-term agreement on cooperation and opened a research and production laboratory in Rostov-on-Don.
The main focus of the laboratory is to conduct research on the development and testing of software for navigation equipment, high precision positioning systems for use in mobile devices and tablet computers, the integration of mobile technology with communications technology and the development of modern cryptographic algorithms in application to communication technologies .

It is believed the company, partnered with SFU will facilitate the exchange of academic, scientific information — in front of the laboratory staff will put the current scientific and applied problems, and "Angstrom" will be able to effectively use the research capacity of the institution for the implementation of knowledge-intensive projects, in-demand modern electronic production .

"Educational Research and Production Laboratory angstrom-SFU — a new step towards the integration of learning, science and industry — said SFU provost for research and innovation Eugene Aydarkin. — Southern Federal University will have the opportunity to work on pressing issues in the field of information technology. And as part of this project, our students, graduate students and teachers will be able to apply theoretical knowledge in practice and to use them in the preparation of the course and master’s theses, master’s and doctoral theses, using the standards and operating equipment "Angstrom".
In a joint laboratory set up at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science from SFU will work by talented students, undergraduates and graduate students of SFU, the newspaper of Rostov region, "Our Time": "Before the guys is an ambitious task — until the end of the year to create a unique computer program for systems Communication 6th generation "- says the publication. — "Angstrom" has long worked with local academic institutions, but for the first time in search of talented young company expanded outside Moscow, opened a laboratory on the basis of the Southern Federal University ". "Eighteen months ago we were with the dean of the faculty Michael Karjakin discussed the prospects for advancing our research into the industry. But it is not assumed that the partner will be "Angstrom", — quotes "Our time" Boris Steinberg, director of the new laboratory. "

Framework agreements on cooperation is in "Angstrom" and with other universities, including the MIET and MIREA. "There are several programs of cooperation with MIET: improving the skills of our employees on the basis of high school, internships and fellowships for students in the enterprise, students work at the company for contract work, etc., — said Head of Corporate Communications" Angstrom "Alex Diana. — Some students who have already successfully working on our projects or are planning to do after graduation, we pay tuition at graduate and postgraduate level. There are good links with the Department of Industrial Design MIET: it runs a number of projects in our order, and for our part we invite you to give lectures to the students of the famous masters of design. "

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