Announcement of the journal Industrial electric heating and electric heating

Number 2, 2013

Article NN Hrenkova "Direct electrical heating of subsea pipelines" The principle of operation of the system of direct electrical heating of subsea pipelines (direct electrical heating — DEH), preventing the formation of gas hydrates, as well as the deposition of paraffin and asphaltene.

Article JK Lervik, H. Kulbotten, A. Nysveen, Oyvind Iversen «Improvement of electrical heating subsea pipelines" presented results of the effect of direct electrical heating level changes with increasing frequency of the electrical characteristics of the system, the current distribution between the seawater and the steel pipe, as well as between conductors of power cables, steel pipe and seawater.

PA Mitin and M. Borisov’s article "Heat communication antennas on the Kola Peninsula" share experiences with self-regulating heating cables for heat dispatch communication antennas on the Central Mine Society "Apatite", located in the Khibiny mountains of the Kola Peninsula.

EM Nodules in the article "Features of the application of pre-insulated plastic piping" analyzes the main characteristics of pipes and fittings and ARCTIC ARCTIC-U carrier pipe diameters from 32 to 900 mm, which are designed for the transport of water and can be used in any climatic zone areas.

SA Filippov in the article "The device start-CBSA-30" considers the characteristics of the device start-up self-regulating cable CBSA-30, designed to limit the starting current, which occurs when the fins formed on the basis of self-regulating heating tapes.

AA Svyazhin in the article "protective coating system certified in OAO" Gazprom " presents a line of coatings for corrosion coatings supplied by ‘O3-Engineering ".

Chinese chemical industry the past 30 years has developed quite rapidly, and is now the third largest sector of the economy after the engineering and textile industries. On the key players, trends and prospects of the Chinese chemical industry says the article AS Besedina "The Chinese chemical industry: Changes and Prospects for Development".

YI Landa in the article "Electric heating and ventilation regenerative housing. Cause for Cooperation " analyzes the possibility of widespread use of electric heating in a modern apartment buildings with newer devices for regenerative residential ones (energy saving), ventilation, production is expanding throughout the world and mastered in Russia.

M. Poulin and DG Golubin in the article "The use of hot plates in breeding complexes" consider the advantages of using HP heating plates for heating in young cattle-breeding complexes.

Under the heading "The best people of the industry" a brief biography of the great physicist and engineer Mikhail Osipovich Dolivo-Dobrovolsky, which reflects the major milestones of his scientific and engineering activities.

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