Another boat of A160 launched from the slipway

On the "Plant of Nizhny Novgorod Ship" launched the sixth raid diving boat "Diver Zyulyaev" Project A160.

Order to build ten diving boats KIT has received from the Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. 

Boat "Diver Zyulyaev" is intended to: provide diving underwater work, participate in emergency rescue and salvage operations, surveys sea-bottom, wrecks, underwater vessels and hydraulic structures.

The project inshore diving boats A160 was developed in 2008 at the "Plant of Nizhny Novgorod Ship".


Navigation area — R3 — RSN: mixed (river-sea) navigation with distance from shelter to 50 miles

Weather conditions: air temperature in the range from +25 to-25C and water — from 0 to +16 OC.

Type of boat: Single-deck boat with a mid-single-tier logging, several displaced aft of the engine room, two-shaft diesel power plant.

Main dimensions: Length, m: 27.4 LWL, m: 26.3 Width, m: 5.6 Depth amidships, m: 3.0 Depth in the nose, m: 3.4 Draft m: 1.5

Deadweight: Crew with luggage, t: 0.3 Divers with luggage, t: 0.5 The provision is, t: 0.15 Freshwater, t: 5.2 Fuel and oil, t: 3.52 Total: 9.67

Displacement: light, t: 83 Full, t: 92.7

Main Engine: Engine Scania, power 2X441kVT

Crew — 3 people. Divers — 5 people. Speed — about 15 knots, economic — 10 knots. Cruising range — at full speed — 200 miles. Autonomy — reserves of fresh water and provisions — up to 5 days. Seaworthiness allow boats operating at sea up to 4 points.

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