Another four GTU-12P for the Southern Corridor

PMZ / PMR / completed delivery of four GTU-12P for the compressor station "Kuban" pipeline system "Southern Corridor".

GTU-12P is designed to drive a centrifugal supercharger natural gas in the gas-compressor units. The contract for the onshore section of the strategic pipeline "South Stream" gas turbine equipped with such PMZ four of the six compressor stations / CN /.

"PMZ also performs contracts for the manufacture and supply of three sets of GTU-25P for the station" Korenovskaya "and three GTU-25P for the station" Cossack "- told in the press service of the plant. — Complete set of objects" Southern Corridor "- a new era of cooperation PMZ and "Gazprom".

The first phase of the project "Southern Corridor" involves the construction of the gas transmission system compressor stations "Pysarivka" / Voronezh region / — "Russian" / Krasnodar / jumper from the COP "Kuban" to KS "Korenovskaya" as well as the reconstruction of the existing corridor "Petrovsk — Pysarivka. "

PMZ — serial manufacturer of gas turbine engines for aircraft and industrial gas turbines for power generation and gas transport. PMR is a member of the Management Company "United Engine Corporation."

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