Another little hero growing up in Russia

Kostroma, July 19 — RIA Novosti, Anna Skudaeva.A six-year resident of the Kostroma region Bakhirev Alyosha, who saved during the fire of two children — his younger brother and sister, received the award for bravery, said Friday the regional central board MOE. 

A fire in the village of Berezovets Galich district occurred on June 27. In the evening, the adults had gone to stay with relatives in a nearby house, and three kids stayed at home under the supervision of an octogenarian grandfather. At night, Alex awoke from a sharp burning smell and saw the lights of the house.

"Without hesitation, the boy ran into the room where slept his younger brother and sister. Lesch caught sleeping Irishku, pulled off the beds Egor’s hand and led her out of the house. Due Lesha children are alive," — said in a statement.

Family fire victims visited the Emergency Situations Ministry and firefighters, who thanked the boy for his bravery and heroism shown on fire. They handed Alex Bakhireva diploma and gifts.

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