ANOTHER RECORD Dolmatovo 22 matches without defeat

[I] "Sport-Express" [/ i] The flagship of the Rostov football for the second time came in the Orenburg region. Nearly seven years ago, the team Baydachnogo Kirichenko, and Adam was not able to unravel the secret nostovskoy defense, and the club of high society in the Cup of Russia capitulated to the representative of the second division. Only one participant of the match, played in the early autumn of 2001, came out on the field and at this time. 32-year-old aspen thirsted for revenge, the more that did not submit to the Urals and in the Donetsk team first round match. [Cut] to surprise Dolmatov unknown to him until then Novotroick? In the end, he surprised the steppe region known expert. "Such goals I had ever seen" — a tribute to Molosh admitted head coach of "growth." Indeed, not many can venture on a free kick from 37 meters. Let me remind you, however, that in the last season the defender of Belarus in a similar situation left out of the goalkeeper, "Anji" and now "Torpedo" Abaeva. Leader had to be reconstructed. Began to appear holes in the defense. One of them in the end of the first half could use Emelyanov. At the same Rostovites that attacked the entire second half, the key to the gate Vavilina picked experienced Kulchiy that made fouled novotroychan defense in injury time. Osinov retained a pleasant tradition for themselves — in all three matches against the "Nosta" he invariably hit her goal. A "growth", continuing from game to game to improve his record on the number of games unbeaten from the start of the championship, simultaneously set another absolute achievement — his unbeaten during the tournament was 22 matches. [B] "growth" BREAKS THE ACHIEVEMENT "Terek" [/ b] Draw Novotroitsk "growth" extended unbeaten run in the league to 22 matches. It is the longest interval without defeat in a single season in the Russian First Division championships. In addition to "growth" for more than 20 games in a row managed to pass only the "Terek" -2004. That’s the longest winning streak in the Russian history of the tournament. [B] K-Club matches in Season [/ b] Rostov 22 (14 = 8, 37-11) 2008 Terek 21 (18 = 3, 33-7) 2004 Khimki 20 (+16 = 4, 46-17 ) 2006 Amkar 19 (13 = 6, 26-7), 2003 Star 19 (12 = 7, 57-17) 1993

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