Another Tu-214 Russia put Arctic Ocean

The Tu-214 with the tail number RA-64524 Flying Squad put special "Russian".

"Perm Engine Company", the press release: Park Special Flight Unit "Russian" of the Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation added another aircraft with Perm PS-90A. At this time, the customer was given the Tu-214SUS (special communication center) with the tail number RA-64524 — this is the eleventh flight of the family Tu-204/214 in the Arctic Ocean Park "Russia." Thus, the total number of aircraft with PS-90A in service

Special flight squad to 16 cars. In 2012, the Office of Presidential Affairs must be passed another Tu-214.

The basic Tu-214 — modification medium-haul passenger aircraft Tu-204 with increased up to 110.8 tonnes maximum take-off weight. For the administration of President of the Russian Federation has developed special modification of the Tu-214 Tu-214PU (control room), Tu-214SR aircraft (repeater), Tu-214SUS (special communication center) — airplanes with special communication needs. All ships are equipped with modern navigation equipment. Installed on aircraft engines PS-90A provide implementation of international requirements on noise and emissions.

Managing Director of OJSC "Perm Engine Company" Aleksey Mikhalev: "The principles of the Perm Motor Plant — tight control of product quality, consistent work on improving the performance of our engines. Guided by these principles, we are more than a dozen years of producing engines for aircraft that choose the "main occupants of the country." During 2012, commissioned by the Office of Presidential Affairs of the Russian Federation Perm Engine Company will be required to produce and ship the aircraft manufacturing companies seven engines PS-90A for special purposes.

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