Anti-Semitism is raising its head

The Association of Pediatricians Israel demands an end to the dangerous practice of oral suction of blood after circumcision. Pediatricians called on the Ministry of Health to begin raising campaign through clinics and municipal departments of the mother and child.

As determined by the Ministry of Health, from 2001 to 2011, 11 infants were infected with herpes after the rite is performed Moel suck their blood mouth. Ten of them required hospitalization, with two of the brain was affected, and two others died.

Study of U.S. physicians support the conclusions of their Israeli colleagues. According to them, the chance of contracting herpes during circumcision with oral suction of blood is 3.4 times higher than in the ordinary rite. September 13 issue of banning dangerous method will be introduced at the New York-based Committee on Health Care.

Leaders practicing the rite of the ultra-Orthodox community have compared the initiative of the municipality with the worst persecution of the Jews. "We survived the Spanish Inquisition, survived the Nazi concentration camps, and not give in now," — said the spiritual leader Satmarskih Hasidic Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum.

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