APG utilization in the Orenburg oil fields exceeded 80%

"Orenburgneft" predicts that in 2014 the utilization of associated gas will be 95%.

Since 2007, the "Orenburgneft" is developed and implemented by the target gas program. The end result of the program — improving the rational use of associated petroleum gas (APG), compliance with license conditions, bringing the level of gas use to 95% and the implementation of the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of January 8, 2009 N 7 "Measures to encourage the reduction of air pollution products flaring (petroleum) gas flaring. "
The program is the reconstruction of existing and construction of new gas pipelines and compressor stations, construction of the second phase of Zaikinskiy Gas Processing Plant (ZGPP) Intercession complex gas (GPP Grachevsky district) with a volume of gas processing up to 450 million cubic meters per year rail terminal at the station "Tulip" (May Day district). The introduction of these facilities will increase the useful life of APG in the Orenburg region and to improve the environmental situation in the oil-producing regions.

As part of the target gas program "Orenburgneft" the complex of measures, among other things, on the East Kapitonovskoye field in Perevolotskaya district of Orenburg region. This deposit is under trial operation, respectively, associated gas field at this stage is not utilized.

In order to increase the use of APG Asset Eastern Donetsk-Syrtovskogo direction, including East Kapitonovskoye deposit, "Orenburgneft" plans to build a new transmission system, including Valium "Donetsk-Syrtovskaya" as well as a gas pipeline from the East Kapitonovskoye field. Completion of construction is scheduled for December 2014.

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