APH Agribusiness delivered another batch of cattle from the United States in the Bryansk


In early January, the United States at the port of Ust-Luga (Leningrad region Kingiseppskiy area) arrived ocean cargo vessel «Ocean out back», specializing in the transportation of livestock, with the next batch of animals breed Aberdeen Angus. The total number of arriving breeding stock was 3,386 animals.

At the end of the acceptance, experts APH "Agribusiness" successfully implemented transport animals in the Bryansk region.
In total cattle were involved in 177 units of specialized vehicles.
Animals were settled on the farm, "May Day" (Pochepy District) — 407 bulls, and "Selilovichi" (Rognedinsky area) — 2633 heifers, 213 bulls and 133 heifers repairs.
All cattle were imported from the United States, is recognized clinically healthy and posted for quarantine.
Along with tribal cattle from the United States arrived 115 horses of the world famous "cowboy rock" Quarter Horse, which has been specially bred to work with animals on farms.
Acceptance of the next batch of breeding cattle from the United States is planned for early February. More than 5,000 animals will be settled on two farms in Starodubsky and Pochepy areas of the Bryansk region.
To date, the project implementation APH "Agribusiness" for the production of beef in the Bryansk region completed the construction of 24 farms for cattle, 20 of which are inhabited by animals breed Aberdeen Angus, who arrived from Australia and the United States, while total cattle population is more than 70 000 heads (of which 4,200 — that’s calves born on farms Bryansk "Miratorga" in the period: Spring — Fall 2012).

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