APH Agribusiness delivered to Kaliningrad and the Bryansk region of more than 18 000 head of cattle

June 2 at the port of Kaliningrad U.S. ocean transport ship arrived «M / V Orient 1" for the transport of cattle, with the next batch of animals breed Aberdeen Angus. The total number of arriving breeding stock was 2,687 animals. Upon arrival of the vessel, the staff, LLC "Kaliningrad Meat Company" carried out 279 acceptance of bulls. At specialized container ships animals were taken to the district Ozerskij Kaliningrad region where Holding is implementing a project on breeding high-yielding livestock meat breeds of cattle. Scott was placed on the farm "Dubrava", "Kadymka" and "Karamyshevo."

June 4 ship «M / V Orient 1" arrived in the port of Ust-Luga (Leningrad region). Employees Bryansk units APH "Agribusiness" Company "Bryansk Meat Company" took 2,408 head of cattle, after which the animals were transported to the Bryansk region. In total cattle were involved in 73 units of specialized vehicles — Universal zhivotnovozy and container.

June 5 cattle were taken to Pochepy district of the Bryansk region. 2231 heifer bulls and 177 are placed on the farm, "May Day".
June 8 arrived at the port of Novorossiysk ocean transport ship «NADA», specializing in the transportation of cattle, with a big party animal breed Aberdeen Angus from Australia. The number of arriving breeding stock was 15,743 head.

Employees APH "Agribusiness" carried out the acceptance and transportation of livestock in the Bryansk region. In the carriage were involved in 265 zhivotnovozov and container.

June 10 cattle were brought to the farm "Red haymakers" (Mglin area) — 3677 heifers and 130 bulls, "Noreen" (Zhiryatinsky area) — 3600 heifers, "AKULICH" (Kletnyanskoy area) — 3678 heifers and 129 bulls, and the farm "Raven" (Staradub area) — 4400 heifers and 129 bulls.

All cattle were imported from the United States, is recognized clinically healthy and posted for quarantine, which will last 45 days.

Delivery of the next batch of animals in the Bryansk region is scheduled for June 18. The arrival of 4,500 head of cattle from the United States, the number will be posted on the farm "Rubcha" Zhiryatinskogo district.

Today, the volume of cattle in the territory of the Kaliningrad region is more than 19 000 head (of which 6,600 calves born on farms Kaliningrad). In the Bryansk region completed the construction of 28 farms for cattle, 22 of which are inhabited by animals breed Aberdeen Angus, who arrived from Australia and the United States, while total number of cattle in the Bryansk region of more than 115 000 head (of which 25,400 — that’s calves born Bryansk on farms "Miratorga" in 2012-2013.).

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