Approved by the appearance of the PAK DA

Development of complex long-term aviation aircraft (PAK DA) goes according to plan, said on Wednesday the chief of the Russian Air Force, Lieutenant-General Viktor Bondar.

"Approved by the appearance of the PAK DA. Oh, and then — all other actions to be undertaken on the basis of its refining and of batch production, "- said the commander in chief.

Earlier, the commander of the Russian Air Force long-range aviation, Lieutenant-General Anatoly Zhiharev reported that PAK DA trials will begin in 2022.

"I think that in 2022 will be the first aircraft will begin testing" — said A.Zhiharev. According to him, the development of the PAK DA, attention will be paid to the composite materials in order to "reduce its effective reflective surface."

According to the correspondent of the newspaper "Military-Industrial Courier," news agencies ARMS-TASS and Interfax-AVN

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