Aquaculturists Stavropol region have made significant progress

In the Stavropol region in the past year produced more than 9 million tonnes of aquaculture products.  

Commercial fish farming in the region are engaged in 75 agricultural organizations, 40 farms and 90 individual entrepreneurs. As RIA the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture, mainly in the region are grown carp fish. Their annual production is about 60% of the total fish production of Stavropol.

The breeding base of commercial fish farming in the region is represented by two plants. In Izobilnenskaya area is agricultural production cooperative, where carp are bred Stavropol, tatayskoy selinskoy and rocks. The plant in the city of Kislovodsk supplies Kamloops rainbow trout.

Over the past year in the Stavropol region produced 8.2 million tonnes of fish and 1 million tons of juveniles. Such successes achieved through local fish farmers breeding and breeding, fish-quality material and special feed. In addition, the role played by the use of high-quality polyculture fish species such as carp and silver carp, as well as government support for agricultural production.

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