Aquarium of the island of Russian in Vladivostok render habitable beluga

In the adaptive complex is being built on the island of Russian oceanarium, brought six beluga whales, which will subsequently actors water show.
The most difficult part was the relocation process of reloading animals weighing up to 200 kilograms.

On the island of Russian for more than four months of base functions Marine Mammal Maritime Aquarium. Its first inhabitants were two male beluga whale. Today, Neil and Lear is not only demonstrate the artistry, plastic and even a kind of elegance, but also allow, of course, with the permission of their teachers, a ride on his back among the base.

On the construction of scientific and educational complex "Seaside Aquarium» employs over 700 people and 60 vehicles. At the facility are conducted all kinds of work, including the construction of car parks, access roads, hotels and other service.

Experts claim that the Maritime Aquarium will enter the top ten in the world, but in Russia it is not at all unique. In the main building area of 35,000 square meters will accommodate 500 aquariums for 18,000 species of fish and mammals. Oceanarium — not only entertaining object, but also a scientific base — there are hundreds of scientists working for them already built the town. The main objectives of the aquarium — the tourist, scientific and educational activities.

Research and adaptive body "Maritime Aquarium" go live in November 2011. It includes more than 400 pools and aquariums for marine life. This is the first object of the complex, which will be put into operation.

List of exhibits Maritime Aquarium

Hall oceanarium with dummy large marine animals (gray whales and killer whales).
Museum "The evolution of life in the ocean"
"Sea microcosm"
"The Amur River and Lake Hanka"
"Lake Baikal"
"Polar World"
"The inhabitants of the Sea of Okhotsk and the Bering Sea."
"Algae hall."
"The inhabitants of the Sea of Japan."
The complex contact basins.
"Hall of octopus" with a spectacular view "shows an octopus."
"The world of jellyfish."
"Tropical Rain Forest"
"Tropical sea and coral reefs"
The main tank with an acrylic tunnel ("Coral Reef")
The main tank "deep ocean"
«5D — interactive theater."

Office accommodation for the staff of the Aquarium

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