Archaeologists study ancient complex near the city of Ur



A group of archaeologists from the University of Manchester announced the beginning of the excavations in Iraq, a huge complex of old, the age of which can be 4 thousand years. Its research scientists began after the unusual structure was detected on the satellite image.


According to the researchers, the construction of an administrative center, located in one of the oldest cities in the world. The complex is found in the town of Tel Khyber, was quite large by the standards of the time. It was a rectangle with sides of 50 and 80 m, which is approximately the same size as a football field. The complex is surrounded by a large courtyard, which is now turned into a desert.



Archaeologists have already managed to make some interesting discoveries. One of them — a clay tablet height of 9 cm, which, according to the researchers, is shown bound to the temple of a man in a long dress.

The excavations in southern Iraq, British archaeologists carried out for the first time since the 80-ies of the last century. Archaeological site is located 20 km from the Sumerian city of Ur, where in 1920 the famous British archaeologist Leonard Woolley discovered the famous "Tombs of the Kings." Recently, archaeologists have found the complex dated 2 thousand years BC, the time of the fall of the last Sumerian dynasty.

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