Arctic + space = new horizons

Little has happened, but a miracle!
Now anyone, virtually in real time can make (even, perhaps hardly be called virtual) journey across the expanses of the Arctic to research vessel "Mikhail Somov".

Joint efforts FSUE "AARI" and Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Russian Satellite Communications"to inform the expedition aboard the RV "Mikhail Somov" instead of traditional systems «Iridiumt» or «Inmarsat» was proposed to use the marine station VSAT.  

VSAT to ensure the organization of satellite link in Ku-band spacecraft through the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Russian Satellite Communications."

Speed connectivity to the Internet for more than 2 Mbit / s. To LAN connected a number of offices and cabins. In the cabin is equipped with access on Wi-Fi.
The site, which was organized by Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Russian Satellite Communications" (RSCC) 10 minutes, the vessel will be shown on a map and two photos with Web-cameras mounted on the mast of the ship.

It was officially dry message. And now a few words of his own.
If all they get — this is a huge breakthrough in communications technology, Arctic navigation, life support sailors.
As I wrote in my postSealing wax — Morse — Skypeconnection to the sea — that’s all. Not for nothing, in the 80 th one captain when his ship was sent to Spitsbergen, and the crew was without a seaman’s book (for far from the sea — almost a passport) said: "I will go without all, there was a radio operator!"
Now, when we are on or near the coast are very attached to the Internet — unlimited high speed internet access in remote Arctic — it’s limitless possibilities of communication as needed for performance and sailors with family and friends.
Fast Internet gives sailors the cards. Certainly not the sea (they have them with me), and certainly not with the aces of diamonds. And the weather, the ice cover. The latter are a good resolution and have large amounts of poorly run along the old channels. Their presence on the bridge of the ship going in the Arctic — the key to a successful and safe completion of the flight. That in turn makes swimming on SMEs more attractive to foreign shipowners.
It’s nice that the system established by Russians! Not only gas and oil, it turns out we can trade!
Well, curious and inquisitive will be interesting to watch the view that opened before the eyes of navigators and scientists responsible for keeping watch on the bridge of the RV "Mikhail Somov" road-going Nordensheld Toll, Amundsen.
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(C) Dmitry V. Labusov

According to preliminary information, the vessel must go to sea on July 27-28

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