Areas of Krasnoyarsk Territory received new buses

Nine new buses will transport LiAZ people in three cities — Achinsk Divnogorsk and Zaozernoye, and four areas — Shusha, Taseevskoye, Karatuzskoe and Balahtinskoj areas.


Before the end of this year to upgrade the bus fleet of state-of the regional budget allocated 60 million rubles. Thus the end of December districts will receive 13 new buses PAZ.

According to the Prime Minister’s edge, a program to upgrade public transport is realized in the region for several years. "We were able to completely solve the issue on school buses, and today in the 49 municipalities of the province nearly a thousand routes brought up by more than 17,000 students, 638 are working for this bus."

In addition, due to the budget purchased ambulances, vehicles for departments Department of the Interior on the edge, technology for utilities and urban areas of the province. Only in 2010 was purchased nearly 300 units for sale. Once again, I stress that the issue of modernizing the fleet of state institutions remains one of our priorities, so I hope that it is not time we meet with the leadership of cities and districts of the region on the auspicious occasion, "- said Edkham Akbulatov.

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