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In late November 2003, Konstantin Zatravkin, an engineer by training who now lives in Buenos Aires, went to the monastery, located 50 km from the capital city of Argentina, near the city of Tigers. There, far from the bustle of the city Constantine had intended to spend a few days to gain strength — Konstantin is now a practicing specialist in alternative medicine.

In a letter addressed to "Site nonstandard analysts' Zatravkin writes:" … modern monastery, built 15 years ago. This monastery almost every weekend so called retiro espiritual, which translates as "spiritual return." There are going to some parishioners church, from every parish about once a year to meditate and talk on the Bible … ".

The monastery and its surroundings doctor has made a lot of pictures with a digital camera The Canon-A20, and when on his return began to look through the resulting computer, photographic image appeared on some amazing and strange effects. Constantine wrote: "Went in the evening, took off again, and again turned strange balls …", so these pictures can not be blamed on faulty equipment.





The writer asks a reasonable question: what is it?

In the early eighties of the last century, the Italian researcher Luciano Bocconi conducted a series of experiments on sensing space. The essence of the experiment was as follows. Bocconi and his assistants, armed with magnetometers, Geiger counters, sensitive microphones and other detectors over a number of days exploring the empty space around the hill in Arenzano. At the same time, "nowhere" were directed movie, photo, camera, who were filming in Italy spaces in different ranges of electromagnetic waves.

Seemingly useless exercise, but the result exceeded all expectations. The photographs and film-display a strange, including humanoid beings, some "essential to create" floating in space around the equipment.

Invisible to the eye formation followed airliners flying over, hang over the industry. During the incident near a forest fire on his camera recorded the epicenter of the huge amebopodobnye objects.

Italian colleague Dr Constable suggested for these strange creatures called "Critter", which means "the creature." He suggested that these formations have a plasma or an ethereal nature.

By the way, these investigations are carried out in Russia. Baikal Association dowsing since 1993 conducting shooting over geopathogenic zones and Lake Baikal in a wide range of frequencies.

In general, the photographs appear totally different "hidden images". It may be some vague nebulous education, the outlines of the human body, face, geometric shapes, and even UFOs.

Russian scientists have in recent years more and more inclined to think that the world around us there are some entities on the basis of non-biological. Academician VP Kaznacheev suggests that these life forms have a field structure. Nobel laureate VL Ginsburg said that the foundation bodies beings are not molecules, and elementary particles, other researchers who have developed the idea of Ginzburg's considering bioneytrinnyh formations.

Do not be ruled out "mystical" motivated. Some researchers suggest the phenomenon that we see in the photographs of the dead. No wonder Signor Zatravkin continues: "There is (in the monastery) is a cemetery where they bury the priests and monks. This makes me think, could not the balls to be the souls of the departed righteous."

The following hypothesis is noteworthy influence of the operator on the photosensitive material. Man, you press the shutter the camera itself unwittingly becomes a source of mysterious images. That is, "… is the transformation of psychic energy field in ponderable matter or photographic image" (AP Durov and VN Pushkin, "Parapsychology and modern science").


A variation of this hypothesis is the so-called "holographic version of" (a biochemist and psychotherapist M. VALCHIHINA Gurevich). Man emits electromagnetic waves, coherent radiation produced by the internal vibrations of the charged cell membrane contributes to the creation of a hologram image that is printed on the film, and in fact on any heat-sensitive media (terminology).

Thus, it produces from shooting a man depends what appears in the photo. In this connection, we give one piece of writing, "… from 1989 to 1992 he worked at the Leningrad Instytut laboratory ergonomics and biodynamics (lab Polyakov VB). Laboratory engaged in research of paranormal phenomena, primarily related to non-traditional methods of treatment and the properties of the human psyche. Also we conducted experiments in the laboratory Vasilyeva at LSU on remote attack. During his time there, by the way, I did not encounter such phenomena. "

Therefore, it is possible that Konstantin himself is an unwitting "culprit" he received images.

However, it should be noted that photographers have recently faced with yet another phenomenon — the appearance of the photographs (both conventional and digital cameras made) discs, spheres, squares and other geometric shapes right. Omit a detailed description of studies reported this phenomenon, scientists believe that these effects can give reflected from dust and other particulate light camera flash.

Many hypotheses that have "strange" photographs much more. And none of the scientific assumptions can not explain all of the available pictures.

The truth, as always, in the middle. Most likely, on the "strange" picture we see a speck of dust, and fancies, and alien life forms to us. It may be reasonable?

In photos:
1-4 — Argentina, unseen essence, the fixed camera.
5-7 — Mysterious objects on photographic images.


Dmitry Kuznetsov

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