ARKAN Mbox system saves the cost of car insurance

The product line of "Arkan" was replenished unique telematics system ARKAN Mbox. New product designed primarily for drivers with little experience of driving, as well as for those who do not exploit their car for a year and has a low annual mileage. ARKAN Mbox system allows car owners to obtain such economic benefits for insurance.

Traditionally, the amount of hull is about 8-12% of the value of the car. If you install security ARKAN Mbox insurance company "Ingosstrakh" in the framework of "young driver" and "Ecologizer" provides a significant discount on the risk of "damage."

ARKAN Mbox — this is not only a guarantee of favorable tariff under hull, but the protective complex with a wide range of service and functionality. ARKAN Mbox provides the coordinates of the vehicle by means of satellite navigation systems GLONASS / GPS and transmits the information to the federal monitoring center "Arkan". This allows you to provide additional protection to the vehicle owner in any emergency situation, such as when you try to hijack or robbery on the car. Upon receipt of an alarm monitoring center operator Federal "Arkan" associated with the owner and makes remote engine block. At the same time, the emergency information is duplicated responders who carry out immediate departure to the scene.

The system ARKAN Mbox implemented another feature — the restoration of 3D — picture of what happened in the case of an accident. Accelerometer, which is part of the telematics system measures the acceleration of the vehicle on three axes with a resolution of 10 milliseconds, which allows to reconstruct the details of the incident and assess the nature of the accident.

Installing ARKAN Mbox produced by highly qualified specialists, has no effect on full-time vehicle systems and does not violate the terms of its warranty.

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