Arkhangelsk Region: Pomorie in milk and meat production has become more

One of the most significant achievements of the support livestock breeding was the increase in the proportion of breeding cattle from 34% to 45%. Increased not only the annual milk yield, but also delineated a significant increase in the production of meat. 

The number of breeding cows increased from 6185 to 7933 heads. Annual milk production in tribal enterprises of the region in 2012 amounted to 6313 kilograms per head with an average of 5065 pounds for the region. And another positive point: the plan to 87,5 thousand tons of milk per year actually produced 91.4 thousand tons.

Significant growth was achieved and the production of meat and poultry in live weight in the collective farms. Thus, with respect to 32 thousand tons per year actually produced 39.4 thousand tons. The significant increase in meat production was due to the designed capacity is Velskoye poultry.

Another equally important aspect of the program was to support soil fertility and seed production, delivery of seeds for growing forage crops in the Far North, the development of vegetable greenhouse, the content of reindeer and a herd of horses, subsidies and grants for the creation and development of peasant farmers.

Report on the implementation of the long-term target program "Development of agriculture Arkhangelsk region in 2009 — 2012 years" was approved on May 8 meeting of the regional government.

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