Armata tanks and robots: Perspectives of Russian armored vehicles


The fact that Russia has long been in need of updating virtually any type of weapon — an obvious fact. Spending on national defense increased from year to year. And from the officials of the Ministry of Defence in the media there is information that in the near future modernization waiting and domestic armored vehicles. If up to this point, every single bronemodel staffed with its own elements of design, it is now planned to "put" its the universal foundation. As such a basis will be single tracked platform, which is called the "Armata".

According to representatives of the Defense Ministry, "Armata" will be included in the so-called modularity of Russian tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and machinery boom. This will unify the complex Russian armored troops, and also to increase the rates of assembly equipment on one of the core enterprises "Uralvagonzavod".

New equipment will start to do so in two years. Permanently tanks and other armored vehicles based on tracked chassis "Armata" will come into force in 2015. In this case, their characteristics, it will be much more reliable current machines. "Armata", or as they call this platform T-99 "Prioriret" bronetehnicheskim module is the fourth generation. By the way, on the basis of the modules can be designed and self-propelled artillery guns upgraded. It is possible that the new platform will be the base for amphibious armored vehicles, but in this case the "Armata" will have to undergo some changes in the direction of reducing weight.

Experts predict a strong interest in the development and from foreign colleagues.

It should be noted that the project "Armata" — not only the know-how, which is planned to be implemented by developers of new armored vehicles. So the commander of ground forces in a recent interview said that Russian armored vehicles to take the path of robotics. This means that the Defense Ministry intends to gradually approach the procurement of tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, which will conduct operations in remote control mode. In this case, the scheme itself robotics involves a complete rejection of the mechanical control systems, and involves saturation armor so-called "smart" systems. These could include a system of automatic recognition of combat materiel, as well as the impact of fire system without crew.

The military official said that on the way robotics are already the United States, who are planning to upgrade the tank M1 "Abrams". The task of our designers at the first stage, according to the Commander in Chief is a systematic work on equipping the new tanks and other armored vehicles, computer equipment, allowing to carry out substantial assistance to the crew of the machine in the active phase of the fighting.

Such prospects are not good. Thanks to the financial support of the Russian state and the talent of designers, our country may well regain the title of the main supplier of military innovations in the army.

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