Armenia will buy two more «Sukhoi Superjet 100

Yerevan, January 10

Flight Park "Armavia" this year with two new aircraft «Sukhoi Superjet 100". The developers have assured that this mid-range airliner very economical. That means less fuel consumption and impact on the price of the ticket.

In April 2011, Armenia was the first purchased the first production aircraft «Sukhoi Superjet 100". New Russian ship was named "Yuri Gagarin" and immediately established itself as a reliable, convenient and multifunctional.

"This aircraft has a very high degree of security. He will never fall, even if the pilot will not be able to fly a plane. Will infer from a difficult situation, the pilot was able to continue to operate, " — Says the flight instructor Aram Egoyan.

Plane packed with automation, and as «Airbus», equipped with a joystick instead of the steering wheel. Manage it much easier and more convenient.

"Its capabilities rather broad. The maximum we flew to Madrid from Yerevan — a 5 h 36 min. And the plane flies safely in the direction of Moscow-Yerevan, takes a full load, that is, 98 passengers ", — The chief of the Flight Department "Armavia" Sergei Kharatian.

Geography of flights wide: almost all of Europe, the Middle East, Russia. With the new year planes will perform in Sochi and Rostov.

"If there is an economical aircraft, if it is a lot of flying, then naturally we will have lower costs and prices also decline. But at the same time it is very possible that the fuel is more expensive, the price of navigation and airport charges increase. Then the price reduction is not out of the question, "- said the president of" Armavia "Norayr Belluyan.

Now the only Armenian «Sukhoi Superjet» in Moscow on completion. Liner retooled modern design modifications. In March the national carrier "Armavia" will get a second plane, and by the end of the year — one more, but long haul. Price per aircraft is about $ 32 million, but for a permanent partner Russian side will make the discount.

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