Armored Ural-63099 will be shown in Moscow


"GAZ Group" show in Moscow army car next-generation platform — protected "Ural-63099."

The long-term development of automobile "Ural" (included in the "GAZ Group") will be the basis of the exposition on a V International Salon of security tools "Integrated Security 2012".

All-wheel drive multi-protected triaxial car "Ural-63099 ‘(6×6) truck is a new generation of armored-volume casing with protection of cargo, the major components and assemblies from the bullets of small arms and mine-protected.

In the example shown has implemented a number of innovative design solutions to create a special vehicle used modularity. Protected "Ural-63099" is a platform that allows a set of specific modules (control module, bridge, power plant) to create different levels of security vehicles with different axle configuration: 4×4, 6×6, 8×8. At the heart of the car — bonnet assembly. This design with a large mass of armor protection can provide the optimal distribution of the load on the ground, thus ensuring maximum vehicle throughput. The hulls bonnet "Ural-63099" is adapted for the transport of 12 persons.

Car "Ural-63099" is equipped with modern electronic control system of high reliability with an open architecture. It not only allows you to display information about the state of the driver components and assemblies, but also to make the necessary diagnostics. If necessary, the system can automatically report to the command post on the location and condition of the vehicle, but also connect to external control systems.

The presented model car equipped with an engine of increased power — 450 HP production Yaroslavl Motor Plant "GAZ Group", a six-speed automatic transmission, mechanical two-stage transfer case. Steering — with hydraulic dvuhstoronnnego action.

The car is designed for a variety of transportation problems, transportation of special cargo and towing a trailer systems on all types of roads and terrain. When the car is capable of performing climbing to 60%, almost two-meter ford and vertical wall height of 0.6 meters is equipped with dual fuel tanks with a capacity of 300 liters, excluding the possibility of a fire and the expiration of fuel, with a reserve of up to 1.8 kilometers.

Also present at the exhibition Automobile tractor ‘Ural-63704 "increased weight (6×6). The vehicle is intended to tow trailers with different temperatures on all types of roads and terrain. "Ural-63704", complete units and apparatus of the leading European manufacturers, extends the family of all-wheel drive "Ural" in line with current market demands and desires of potential consumers. 

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