Army military communicators create Internet

After the events in South Ossetia in August 2008, the chief Army Signal Corps, "led by the Minister of Defence, on the orders of the President of the Russian Federation have been completely revised approach to the organization of the entire management system and, in particular, the communication system."

New approaches are as follows: "Here, there are combatants. Each of them we can name a source of information, whether soldiers fighting unit, tank, infantry fighting vehicles, aircraft, military ship, spacecraft — all involved in the fighting, which are the sources of information. Exploration is to get information, that information should go immediately to the commander, who must make a decision and choose a weapon of destruction, which immediately destroy this enemy.
I repeat: it’s all in real time. And all these information objects — they constitute a single battle space in which are fighting armed forces. We must ensure that each military means, control, communications, that he could pass as on the cell phone all kinds of services. "

General Meichik said that at the recent exercises "Caucasus-2009", "West-2009", "Ladoga-2009" has already been used new media, particularly radio series "Aqueduct" and "Granite". They can provide transmission of both voice data and other information. "By the end of 2011 we plan to bring the station up to each soldier, to every combat vehicle — General told journalists. — Our communications should have all of those needs in ways that would provide modern management. This is not the only means of radio communication. This new means of info-communications, new media is a microwave transmission, this new digital transmission system. This new satellite communication system. Supreme Commander, the Minister of Defense is well appreciated by those funds to the teachings of the "West-2009". Supreme Commander even to direct the troops, being in the military machine of the "Tiger".

Now units of the Moscow Military District is experimental operation of the Unified Management System Army tactical level. It uses the latest digital radio station of the 5th generation. Combat capabilities of military units you can use them to increase by 2-3 times, and the execution time of some regulations to reduce forty times.

General Meichik lamented the fact that Russia is lagging behind in the transition to digital technology from western countries. The first "digitized fighter" appeared there in 2002, is currently being tested in Iraq. German soldiers in Afghanistan in 2006 -2007 years conducted field test kit "soldier of the future» (IdZ — Infanterist der Zukunft). On the basis of these results is now developed an entirely new complex — IdZ-ES. Succeeds and France, which is developing a program "Scorpion". Field tests of the "digital" Soldier, provide a set of military FELIN (Fantassis a Equipement et Liasons Integres) «Integrated Equipment and Communications Infantryman" held there in 2000. Now they are preparing for military trials three sets: the soldier, squad and platoon commander. In Israel, military experts have long developed a program to convert to digital communications of troops basis, which were shown at the exhibition of the latest military technology in 2005. In 2006, during the Second Lebanon War, they have already been used in some parts of Israel. The essence of similar systems — are the union of all forces on the battlefield in a single communications network. What he sees in front of an ordinary soldier, squad and platoon leader, is broadcast via a miniature camera on the monitor at the headquarters, the cockpit, helicopter or tank. Teams of staff arrive at the same time all sorts of troops, helping them to interact and contribute to the success in battle.

"Within these States established its military Internet, the so-called Intranet — told Meichik. — And they are widely used. But we also strive to ensure that this web is the Internet‘s covered our armed forces. In order to be able to get any information anywhere on any official who needs this information. Well, of course, on the rights of access to the system. Because, of course, the brigade commander should not have all the information that he has, let’s say, the Minister of Defence or the Chief of the General Staff. This is our future and we are going to this. "

Prior to June 1, 2004 the Internet was strictly prohibited in the Russian Armed Forces. This was because of compliance with the requirements of the General Staff of secrecy. It was only in the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) has long had a special computer department, who had access to the World Wide Web.

Since 2005, the state budget allocated 100 million rubles for the "connectedness" of the army. Were connected to the Internet 84 object military establishment — especially the military-educational institutions, military education authorities. All this work was carried out in the framework of the federal program "Reforming the system of military education in the Russian Federation for the period up to 2010." Recently, there have 145 army points to the Internet. Each of the 145 computer classes 15 jobs. They are connected to a local network, there is a working supervisor. For the demonstration of teaching materials provided digital projector to the screen. Also included is the digital camera and three video terminals. With these devices, military personnel can in an on-line chat with different structures of Defense of the Russian Federation, public organizations and relatives. But most importantly, the Internet military personnel can enjoy a variety of databases to obtain the necessary legal, educational information, to prepare for admission in various military and civilian institutions of higher education.

For the year 2009 on a military Internet allocated 250 million rubles. For comparison, in the U.S. only to anti-hacking program in the framework of the armed forces committed more than a billion dollars.

— From the file "SP":

Radio station "P-168-0.5U" (Aqueduct-0.5U)

Portable radio station R-168-0.5U designed and issued FSUE "VNIIS" (Dawn) Voronezh. P-168-0.5U provides open and closed VHF radio in Radio tactical level in the chain of office-platoon-company.

Available in three versions. Versions differ in the range of operating frequencies: AQUEDUCT-0.5U-1: 30-47.975 MHz; AQUEDUCT-0.5U-2: 45-75.975 MHz; AQUEDUCT-0.5U-3: 70-107.975 MHz.

The radio AQUEDUCT-0.5U-M provides entry and storage in the electronic memory of any 4 frequency bands and the selected operating mode.

Radio station "Granite"

Developed and produced by models of portable radios for all the frequency ranges of land, sea and river Mobile Services (33-48.5, 57-58, 146-174, 300-337 and 403-486 MHz). All models have a uniform impact-resistant case made of light metal alloy, ensuring dust-and bryzgozaschitu.

Among the people — the power structures (Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Defense, Federal Tax Police Service, Federal Border Service, Ministry of Emergency Situations), the regional management of railways of Russia, enterprises of agroindustrial complex, River Fleet of the Russian Federation, the State Service of Civil Aviation, private security, services, "Ambulance", the Federal Security Service of the forest .

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