Articulated tracked armored carrier DT-3PB

During the demonstration, the Minister of Defense of Russia, SK Shoigu advanced models of Russian military vehicles and special purpose at the site of the Research Test Center 3rd Research Institute of the Ministry of Defence in suburban Bronnitsi May 28, 2013, among other things, was first shown a sample of the new two-link articulated tracked armored transporter DT-3PB. This machine was developed by JSC "Rubtsovsky Engineering Works" (RMZ, from 2011 — Rubtsovsky branch of JSC "Scientific and Production Corporation" Uralvagonzavod ") on the instructions of the Ministry of Defense of Russia on" Ice Axe "at the same time unarmored variant DT-4P. Payload class DT -4P is 4 tons, and DT-3PB — 3 tons. Thus, DT-3PB is an analogue of the popular in the West articulated armored transporter BAE Systems Hagglunds BvS 10.


Regarding the non-armored version of DT-4P web resource reports referring to the RMZ that this car has a curb weight of 10 tonnes. In this first unit weighs 7 tons, and the second — 3 tons. The actual payload of up to 4.5 tons.
The first link of the machine is a power module with a comfortable cabin for six people, the second link — an active platform which is commissioned by the customer can be made as a passenger compartment (for 18 persons), a body for loads up to 4 tons, the tank (for liquid fuel or other liquids); dlinnomerovoza using the second link and the trailer, container.

CARRIER DT-4P can be equipped with three types of caterpillars tape with rubber-tissue elements, caterpillar with rubber-metal joint and cast caterpillar open hinge. Average ground pressure of 0.14 — 0.20 kg per square meter. cm ground clearance — 400 mm. Diesel engine JAMZ-238B has an output of 300 hp The machine can move along a highway with a maximum speed exceeding 55 km / h. Reverse speed — up to 10 km / h. Water speed — 6 km / h. Cruising range of 500 km.

Features armored DT-3PB while not openly published. On the DT-3PB installed remotely operated turret with a 12.7-mm machine gun "cliff" / "Kord".

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