Artificial sun lit in Sarov





On the creation of so-called artificial sun, which would satisfy the energy needs of the planet, now fighting physics of the world. Only Russia could really come close to the reality of this invention.

The most powerful magnetic field on the Earth, you can save energy equal to the sun, the scientists managed to get the Federal Nuclear Center in Sarov.


Playground-24. One of the secret testing ground of the Federal Nuclear Center. Far away from populated areas, including snow-covered forests, here create what today seems fantastic. Under the rough shed — installation, in which the magnetic field is 50 million times greater than Earth's magnetic field. It is created by a powerful explosion.
Achievement of the Soviet experimental science as gold reserves — for the two perimeters of barbed wire. And the secret — in the copper. Russian scientists only know how to reel in the coil windings 800 4000 to get super-strong magnetic field. With the explosion of the space inside the coil is compressed, and the power increases several-fold.
Watching an experience that lasts a split second, in the automatic mode. All laboratory personnel hiding in a building that is protected from the shock armor — 2-meter high concrete walls. Processes occurring in the explosion fixed lasers and powerful X-ray installation. Outside, a powerful magnetic flux disables any electrical equipment. Including a video camera. She had stopped to shoot immediately after the explosion.
So in the field are the physical parameters of the Earth's center, neutron stars, where the gas is converted into metal and superconductor does not conduct electricity. This series of experiments — part of the work on a global project.
Scientists around the world are now trying to ignite an artificial sun in the laboratory. Kind of a test tube for the earthly lights may just be a super-strong magnetic field. In this direction, the staff of Experimental Physics far ahead. "The device, which will be achieved fusion ignition, will cost a hundred times smaller than the laser system, which is built for this purpose in the United States. But it will be a few more that you see here as the initial current, from which we start, Billion-amps. capacity, which will be implemented in this device will exceed capacity of all power plants in Russia combined. But only for a very short time, "- says the director of the Science and Technology Center for high energy density physics and directed streams of radiation VNIIEF Victor Selimerd.
In the area of high magnetic fields Russia ahead of its nearest competitors by 10 times. Experiments on a unique experimental platform in the world are held almost every day. After the explosion is not only a deep crater, but also scientific knowledge about the depths of matter. Something that is not written in any physics textbook. "BBC News"


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