As fertilization occurs?

What is the process of fertilization.  Photo from

Woman born with two ovaries, each of which contains about 200,000 immature eggs. By the time of puberty the full development and maturation of reach 400-500 eggs.

About once a month in a woman of childbearing age are ovulating. Egg released from the ovary and enters the abdominal cavity where the fallopian tube is captured by the funnel. In the fallopian tube egg meets with the sperm. In fertilization involved only a single sperm, the nucleus of which merges with the egg nucleus. From the moment of fertilization begins pregnancy.

Promotion of a fertilized egg in the fallopian tube contribute to its peristaltic movement, the movement of ciliated epithelium. Fertilized egg shares, is being promoted through fallopian tubes. On7-8 day from the moment of conception egg enters the cavity of the uterus, which is embedded in the mucous membrane, which contains all the necessary nutrients for the development of the embryo.

The best time to fertilize an egg, and pregnancy is considered to be the middle of the menstrual cycle — the period of ovulation.

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