As I made out a ticket in Switzerland — in the style of Kafka.

I study in Switzerland for about two and a half years. It is time to go practice. Place was found in a different city, we have to go back and forth every day — well, what can you do.

Brava's national railway company has developed general subscription — pay and ezdi the country by all transport, all you like. There are discounts for students and others like them. Well done, Swiss, good idea! It would seem, bought a travel — ezdi and enjoy.

Ticket costs about 200 euros per month. I have come, therefore, to the ticket office, explain: so and so, for two months is needed. "No-oo, — they say — a subscription you can do if you are at least four months of purchase, and if you have less — you pay 400 euros a month." I thought a moment and said, "Damn you, I take four."

First installment — 300 euros. Cry, make out bills for the next installments, I get a ticket for two weeks until my card will not do. After a couple of days later, I sent in the mail rejection, saying that you have a residence permit expires before a subscription, so you do not get it. A first installment already paid!

I called. Offer to enter the information of another person in whose name the account will be coming, and I'll give him the money. Recorded by a young man. A couple of days back rejection: not paying! When that person is working and earning well. This railway company has to its purely private information is available. Noticeably less so!

The temporary ticket ended. The practice should go. One ticket — 20 euros, that is 40 per day. I leave early in the morning and return in the evening. Each time running around in their office expensive — it's necessary to take time off from work early or late. Watching hours of work on the site in the hope that I will come and be able to pay all at once and the remaining amount will be ticketed and even. By hook or by crook, time off from work. I look forward to all, go up to the woman, explaining the situation. Propose to pay all at once. The answer struck me: "You can not at once, only the bills a month for a registered person." — "Why" — "I do not know, just so you can! You can only pay once for an annual subscription. "

And the extension of the temporary ticket does not give me too (though for him is more than I paid the first installment). Until I find someone else who will sign this contract, will be not less than a week, and I'm going to go and practice on a one-entry ticket.

So tell me, smart, organized by the Swiss, you do for whom and for what this mocking student ID came up to you all to pay twice the fare? Definitely not for the people. tip-off

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