As I was choosing a contraceptive

I — my mother! I still can not get used to call me mom. Remember in the movie "Once, twenty years later," the heroine Natalia Gundarevoj asking classmates what she has achieved in his life and he works with. She replied that she was just a mom. I did not understand why her face so much happiness and so much peace, but now I understand. This is because your life is a miracle another life, your hand is holding a tiny delicate soft handle, warm lips to touch your cheek and whispered: "Mom!"

Once went to the pharmacy, I do not remember why. I remember struck me a conversation between two girls. Apparently, they were getting ready for a date and decided to buy them something for protection or not. The phrase one put me into many thoughts. She said: "Come on, do not waste your money, he will buy it. And do not buy it — nothing, suddenly cost. And will not do, you know that do not … Let's go! "

How so? We are after all talking about a new life, the life of man! How can so easily decide whether it or not, and let things take their course? After all, if not ready mentally or circumstances allow, you need to answer for their actions and will certainly consider ways of prevention.

Maybe I am only one, but for me, my family, my child, my future children will mean a lot, and every child should be wanted and conceived in love. Almost immediately after the birth, I went to a gynecologist and asked me to choose the appropriate means of contraception. I was breast-feeding, and the doctor said that while the principle of lactation amenorrhea. But the theory of theory, but in practice many cases. Kids the same age, born very often.

We once met with friends, and the conversation turned to contraception. Open up, and each shared their experiences.

I almost immediately after delivery set hormonal intrauterine system (VGMS)and for all time the use has never regretted it. This system a miniature tank. It is a hormone that is released daily in the uterus and endometrium influences. And the impact is very positive. Cycle after giving birth I recovered in two months, and were painful periods and heavy, and after the VMGS, personally I still got a lot better. I felt a lot more comfortable. In addition, the proximity is no longer needed to plan, prepare for it. You can give vent to feelings.

Some of her friends did not use a permanent method, someone used condom, someone spermicide. Option with a condom I do not like it because it requires additional handling, and somehow all the romance fades. And for us it is important to keep it, because after the birth of a child are both still a little worried. Life has changed dramatically since. We have a new role — the parents. Combine it with the role of sexual partners — not an easy task.

I am breastfeeding, mucous I have thinned, and spermicides cause slight irritation. Besides, they do not provide 100% protection.

Another friend of mine took mini-pill"I am, in principle, like the mini-pill. They can drink and nursing. Only the receive mode is very strict. " Here's what I do not fit — I started working a few hours a day. The rhythm of life is becoming more active and take pills for sure in due time I would forget. A intrauterine system is placed on 5 years old and do not need to think about it every night. It can also be set and nursing, and even those over 40. Plus, the doctors say its therapeutic effect in a number of gynecological diseases.

Another couple chose vaginal ring: "And my husband and protects the vaginal ring. Very happy. And every day, do not drink tablets, and the hormone is released locally. While all happy. "

And I probably would not suit. I have a heightened sensitivity and me, to be honest, it is very uncomfortable to use condoms, tampons during menstruation. So, I think that the presence of the ring into the vagina during intimacy afforded to discomfort. From the system as I do not have any discomfort. The threads that go down into the vagina (for them then remove the system), it is very soft and is not felt.

It turned out that this evening I talked mostly — girlfriends are very interested in the system and asked a lot of questions. But best of me and qualified answer, of course, specialists.

I can only say that before installing the doctor asked me to pass a number of tests, did an ultrasound. On7 —days after the onset of menstruation has set the system and said that its term of 5 years, but at any time of intrauterine hormonal system can be removed. And fertility is restored in the same month. Just on the ovarian hormone function does not work and does not suppress ovulation. Accordingly, as soon as you want to get pregnant again, you need to visit a doctor to remove the system and start to what was intended.

My system is more than a year. So far for me it is the best option. I'm confident in myself. I am a mother, Ibeloved, I have a great job and everything is going according to plan.


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