As it was.

Today I’ve found information that demonstrate how to "take care" of Russian hot western fans Gorbachev. This is the structure of World Bank loans Russia from 1993 to 2005g.g. So:

In short Major investments in the reform of the judicial system and public administration (!) As well as in the energy and mining (!). In the rest of the industry, it was decided not to give money (or to give, but a little), blowing themselves evolve …

Then I went to the link and found another interesting information:

That was funded by the World Bank loans in Russia:
— Improving the quality of textbooks for schools (20 million copies. 75 new textbooks). It is possible that in these books, as we now see, our national history placed "upside down."
— Development of a unified state examination (that turns out to be from "grow legs").
— The restructuring of the coal industry (closure of many mines).
— Etc.

So rightly says N. Old Men. Need to nationalize the ruble and drive foreign investors in the neck :)

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