As part of the show Auto Exotica-Yaroslavia will premiere all-terrain vehicle CHETRA TM140 and the carrier 925G



"Tanks are not afraid of dirt!" — Under this title will premiere unparalleled unique Russian rover CHETRA TM140 and the carrier 925G on the fifth anniversary show "Auto Exotica-Yaroslavia" July 29-30.

For those who value freedom and independence, loves unusual, extreme situation, ready to test his strength, will be offered a unique opportunity to take a test drive of powerful models of domestic appliances brand "CHETRA Trophy."

CHETRA team led by the Russian world champion in weightlifting Championships Olga Zubov. According to the executive director of "CHETRA — Industrial Machinery" Victor Chetverikova, the company’s cooperation with the Federation of Weightlifting is based on the idea — "Strong people. Powerful technique. A strong country. "

"Autoexotics-Yaroslavia" will be the first platform demonstrate the capabilities of the best samples of Russian off-road equipment, based upon the best technologies used in the military-industrial complex in action. A show that is: Off-road vehicles at full speed and easily overcome the most impassable roads and water obstacles.

CHETRA TM130 with the passenger module is equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission, 240-horsepower engine Sisu. In addition to showing high cross and a 450-lumen millimitrovogo, all-terrain vehicle capable of climbing slopes of 30 degrees, and 800-millimeter wider track not only provide stability and good maneuverability, but also environmentally friendly cars. Hydromechanical transmission allows you to travel a distance of 800 km, and it has a cruising range of the car at the expense of additional tanks, as comfortable as possible. This also contributes to an isolated and insulated cabin for 7 people, the possibility of organizing three berths.


Transporter 925G — a complex high-class comfort on the basis of advanced technology MIC. Due to the variable clearance can overcome any reliefs, and even self-released on encountering an obstacle. Also, it is able to self-extinguish a fire on board. Familiar to military vehicles military tower replaced air conditioning. When installing RUBBER caterpillars can move on regular highways. But if the destination roads will not appear, then the carrier can deliver any kind of transportation, including aircraft and helicopters.


Transporter 925G

Following the "Auto Exotica" ATVs brand "CHETRA" waiting for more serious tests — Karelian severe off-road spaces. It was there from 5 to 8 August will be held next trophy-raid — "Karelia Trophy."


Of "Chetra — Industrial Machines" — specialized trade and service company, Russia’s largest machine-building holding "Concern" Tractor plants ", which supplies" Promtractor ", JSC" Kurgan "- industrial tractors, cranes, pipe layers, wheel loaders and tracked all-terrain vehicles.

All-terrain vehicle CHETRA TM140 embodies the brand new in domestic engineering modular — can be equipped with various plug-in modules for its intended purpose: mobile office for business leaders, is also convenient for trips to hunting or fishing; passenger module is adapted for comfortable transportation of people, for repairs; for transportation of goods. All-terrain vehicle mounted hydraulic mechanical transmission with electro-hydraulic control. It is worth noting the increased noise isolation and comfort of passengers and increased capacity up to 4t. In addition, up CHETRA TM140 set a new six-Sisu engine producing 250 hp, also installed a new six-speed transmission with hydraulic mechanical electro-hydraulic control that allows you to get a "creeping" speed of about 3 km / h

Floating conveyor 925G (engine power 240 hp) — a unique machine, developed on the basis of combat armored vehicles, designed to overcome any obstacles: no roads, swamps, dirt roads during the thaw, water hazards, flying machines are versatile all-terrain, that will bring the mechanized brigade (up to 14 people) to any destination. The machine provides everything you need for the comfort of her future owner.

Machinery & Industrial Group NV — one of the largest integrators of Russian science and technology, industrial, technological and financial resources in engineering, both in Russia and abroad. In the management of engineering holding is more than 20 major companies located in 9 regions of the Russian Federation, as well as in Denmark, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Serbia and Ukraine.

Production activity is represented by five areas: industrial engineering, railway engineering, agricultural machinery, special purpose machinery, spare parts and OEM parts.

The holding enterprises occupy a leading position in the segments of the market, which shows their products: mining, road and infrastructure construction, oil and gas, transportation and defense industries, and agriculture. Technology resulting in enterprises Machinery & Industrial Group NV, operates in more than 40 countries.

The operational management of the group is carried out by the Company Corporate Governance "Concern" Tractor plants ".

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