As Russia continues to decrease natural population decline

Ministry of Labour in the first half of 2012, notes the increase in the birth rate and decrease mortality in the country, said the head of department Maxim Tropilin. According to him, during the six months of this year were born in Russia 905.7 thousand children is 63.2 thousand children, or 7.5%, from a year earlier, the ministry said.

Leaders in the birth rate are Omsk, Kaluga, Moscow region, the Republic of Mari El (height — 12-14%). Total increase in the number of births in the first half of 2012 was recorded in 79 regions of the Russian Federation, said in a statement. He added that during the period was born in Moscow 63.333 thousand, suburbs — 40.728 thousand, St. Petersburg — 29,77 thousand.

The rate for mortality in the January-June fell by 1.9% year on year. During the reporting period, about 962.7 thousand people died, said Topilin. According to him, in the first six months of decline in the number of deaths registered in 69 regions. The greatest rates of mortality observed in Ingushetia, Mari El and Udmurtia, the Nenets Autonomous District, Ulyanovsk region (down 10.8%). The Minister also said that the lowest rates of infant mortality in six months in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug (an average of 1,000 babies died 3.2), Ivanovo region (4,1), Kalmykia (4.3), St. Petersburg (4.4 ) and the Tambov region (4,7).

Labor has also published data on the natural growth of the population in January-June this year: it was recorded in 31 regions of the Russian Federation, compared to 22 for the same period last year. The Ministry indicated the highest rates of natural population growth in the Kamchatka region (18 times), Moscow (2.6 times), Irkutsk region (2-fold).

In January-June 2012, the natural population decline reached 56.9 thousand, which is 2.4 times less than in the same period last year, the report said.

During the five years of the implementation of the concept of demographic policy of the Russian Federation the number of births has increased by 21.2%, the number of deaths fell by 11.2%, the natural decline decreased by 5.2 times. In 2011, life expectancy at birth reached 70.3 for the preliminary assessment of the year.

According to the Health Ministry, in 2011, was born in Russia 1 million 793.9 thousand children, the birth rate per woman increased to 1,606. 

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