As Russian foreign brands pretend

Start a foreign branding was initiated after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when people bought in the markets of everything that had even the slightest hint of Western origin. After the 1998 crisis, the fashion for "Western" asleep — and so the country was hard, so back to basics, to the goods with Russian names. Since the beginning of the new millennium has again gone up. First, because the business has changed and began to produce goods at a higher price category, and secondly, the brands people still like the "foreign", even if people know what is really here this is a German consumer electronics in Asia commissioned by Russian businessman, but in this case only the English letters on the box.


President of "Golder Electronics" and the brand owner Vitek Andrew Derevyanchenko at the start of his career, combined with the work of trade in machinery guard. Five years ago, he registered the trademark in Austria Vitek. The name comes from the word vita (in Latin — life) and tech (in the sense of — technology). Contrary to popular belief, no Vic in business is not the same company. Place of registration allows you to write on the boxes Vitek "Brand: Austria". Mr. Derevyanchenko technique was initially positioned as a quality product at a price 10-15% cheaper than similar, but well-known brands. Later, however, the company could not afford to get their own design bureau to develop unique models of vehicles. Now Mr. Derevyanchenko proud developed this year a kettle, a flashing red lights around the perimeter and an illuminated blue neon light.


Together with Derevyanchenko started and Eugene Nazarov, founder of the less well known brands of home appliances Vigor (Derived from the English vigorous — brave, strong), it is registered in Hungary. In Moscow office Vigor is located in leased from the plant "Vympel" room where 20 people sit, stand all models of home appliances and smells of soup canteen.
Commercial Director Vigor Alexander Nazarov no secret that all appliances them, just like any other Russian, the company bought in South-East Asia, is going on the same plants, and often do not just similar in appearance, and the same. "We come to the factory, look at what they offer us, choose your favorite model and agree on a price for which they will put on the kettle our brand name — he says. — Of their own design deal does not make sense: expensive, and still stolen. "


Trademark Scarlett (Owned by Arima Holding Corp., The joint brainchild of the Chinese and the Russians), the manufacturer of the most purchased in Russia Dummies, registered in England in 1996 and named in honor of Scarlett O’Hara Hamilton Kennedy Butler. Because the target audience of the founders of the brand was seen predominantly female, economic, but not foreign to the classics of literature and romance.


If the choice is simple appliances buyer does, focusing only on price, then all that complicated iron to sell under the little-known brands is already very difficult.

Rolsen — The name coined in 1995 by a graduate MIPT Sergey Belousov — used for TVs, home theater systems, monitors, mobile phones and washing machines. But Rolsen never peddling his name on the irons. Company began with assembly of TVs LG, and now also produces its own factory Friazino (parts bought in South-East Asia). Recently, the most successful in selling Rolsen monitors and televisions, which it produces 150 thousand and 240 thousand units per year, respectively. At the same plant in the suburban Friazino made all sold Russia 20 -, 21 — and 25-inch TVs LG.


Fines and is not engaged in trade mark Kaiser , operating in the market as the German company since the mid 90’s and was invented by the founding father of Pavel Loginov. The brand has successfully saturates the market of large kitchen appliances. Mr. Loginov it does in the same factory in Poland, which also produces products under the brand Hansa.

Stamps Techno , Trony and Elenberg never too Western. They are owned by large retail chains "Technosila", "World" and "El Dorado", respectively. They are present only in stores these networks. No Elenberg, say, Technosila can not be found.


But Bork , promoting itself as a German technology, are almost all stores, despite the fact that it is a brand network "Electroflot." But Bork has an advantage — a brutal very attractive design and mid-price segment, while the above products under three brands are very cheap.


And also:






Tea, coffee


Company Milagro (In Spanish — a miracle) on the market since 1998 and is specialized in instant coffee. As the director of marketing Nikita Morev when they were just starting to work, confidence in the Western manufacturers invigorating drink from our buyer was greater, and therefore had to resort to a foreign name. Do Milagro in Europe and Russia, the main office is located in Germany.


Another company — Kaffa Industries, known in Russia to its soluble coffee, working here for only three years. Its name is coined as the name of a species of coffee Kaffa Elgresso (Kaffa — is the name of the province in the east of Africa, where, according to legend, was first introduced drink coffee, and elgresso — just a beautiful coined the word does not mean anything). Kaffa Coffee produces at two factories in the suburbs.

Brands Greenfield , Tess , Jardin belong to the St. Petersburg company "Orimi Trade", and Curtis & Patridge — Manufacturer of "May". "Buyers want to believe that the brand he chooses, made from a unique water only in the world of the lost glacier in the Pacific Ocean by the chance discovery of an extinct tribe of prescription New Zealand natives. And most importantly, he is willing to pay some extra money, "- said Kirill Dubinsky, director of strategic planning and business development of creative agency" Aurora ".


Tea Greenfield positioned in the premium price segment as produced by the order and under the supervision of Greenfield Tea Ltd., which was established August 10, 2003 in the UK the St. Petersburg producer of tea "Orimi Trade". After a couple of weeks of its products appeared on the Russian market. On the sites are designated with the British domains and addresses in London. However, information about the history of the company they are not specified.





Famous Brand Faberlic began in 1997 and was called "Russian line." Prior to that the founders of MSU graduates Alex and Alexander Nechayev Davankov traded on the stock market. Then he tried to make supplements and household chemicals, but in the end decided to do makeup. Initially, the company even wanted to play on the fact that it is Russian. But studies have shown paradoxical things. On the one hand, our women appreciate the Russian cosmetics for naturalness. On the other — they want to see at the dressing table a stylish package with a cosmopolitan name.
The new word for "Russian Line" invented a whole year. As a result, decided to synthesize speech faber (master) and the "face" (lic). And for the foreign language, and to the Russian ear the word new, and it is by design manufacturer should cause the buyer association with world renowned Faberge.

This year the company Faberlic specially conducted a survey among its shoppers, with which found that 30% accept it for the Russian producer, 29% — for foreigners, while 24% believe that it is a co-production. In fact, doing makeup at two plants — in Balashikha and its suburbs, using, however, the raw materials and the development of foreign firms.



Clothing and footwear


Clothing chain Sela , being a Russian brand in principle does not translate into Russian language its slogan Feel The Same, which is already 10 years old, nearly as much, and the network itself.


No shoes-maker Carlo Pazolini and there has never existed. That sounds all well and good. Mellifluous any woman who lives with a firm and fair conviction that the best shoes in the world — the Italian. Carlo Pazolini Group — is the name of the Russian company, which has its own shoe factories in Russia and China and a network of branded stores.



TJ Collection, which, as they say in the press release, "was established in the UK in 1992," produces shoes under three brands: TJ Collection , Chester and Carnaby . They are produced by all, again according to the press release, the "family of shoe factories in Italy and Spain, with the use of manual labor." Thought it was all the details. Each brand — its target audience. TJ Collection buy fashion-conscious representatives of the middle class; Chester — fans of good-quality classic shoe; Carnaby — youth. Surprised buyers only one thing — when they, having gone on business or on holiday in England, trying to find a store favorite brand, nothing came of it.


Rostov businessman Vladimir Melnikov sewing jeans, denim clothing, children’s and adult knitwear in Rostov and nowhere else. Very proud of the success of his enterprise, and in general in favor of domestic producers. Nevertheless, its two brand called Gloria Jeans and Gee Jey . Although it is worth to emphasize that the origin of the company has never hidden, and not the contrary — overemphasized.


St. Petersburg company "August Plus" produces and sells women’s clothing under the brand name Oggi — very low-key and simple, but on the other hand, fashionable and elegant. Therefore, it is like buying professors, financiers and other strict woman who can not very much to experiment with style. The word oggi — Italian ("Today"), so the women customers in the mass, is considered the Italian brand.


Shoes Ralf Ringer traditionally considered whether the German, or Austrian. But, in fact, it is produced in factories in Moscow, Vladimir and Zaraysk. Company executives while willingly give interviews to various business publications, enthusiastically telling about our
origins and how they develop and modernize the production plant.


Footwear chain Tervolina also does not hide the place of production: they sew shoes in Togliatti, in the factory "leader." And the name Tervolina they do not specifically come up, it is a leftover from the days when a company does not sewed shoes, and imported it from the Czech Republic and Hungary.


Camelot , cutting-edge youth footwear brand, is also ours. The story of "Camelot" began in 1996 with the opening of a small shop, which presented the collection "Grinders", "Dr.Martens", "Shellys" etc. But not everyone can afford these shoes because of the high prices. Since 1999, there is almost the same shoes, but not made in Britain and the United States, as in Poland and China under the control of the Russian company. And therefore, accessible to young people.


Chain stores "Sportmaster" has a whole line of a variety of brands of clothing and shoes and sport-casual-style. For the most part, the products under these brands sold in the stores themselves, but for O’STIN always open individual stores.

Other brands "Sportmaster": Demix, Outventure, Joss, Exxtasy, Termit, as well as sports equipment Torneo.

And also:












Sports Equipment




Food and household goods







And also:

stationery Erich Krause and window technologies Proplex



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