As the four sailors have created a transnational corporation

Specialist in simulation Nicholas
As the four sailors have created a transnational corporation


On simulators company "Transas" trained virtually every other ship’s pilot or navigator of the planet. Forty percent of the world fleet runs on the seas using its navigation charts. In Russia, the company is virtually unknown, although owned by the Russians, and its headquarters is located in St. Petersburg. Twenty years ago, "Transas" navigator created three Baltic Shipping Company. One of the owners, Nicholas Peasants, and remained a sailor at heart — with a thirst for adventure and a visionary

Saturday. Shopping center on the outskirts of St. Petersburg. On the landing between the pavilions of clothes and trays with sweets stands a large metal box, swinging from side to side. It is worth it all: a woman in a mink coat to toe explaining something to his little son, her two men with short, in the military, haircuts and power lady of sixty children with a jacket in his hands. On a metal box large yellow letters derived inscription: Trans Force.

After a few minutes from there go three enthusiastic boys, "Cool!"

See it all in the office of vice-president of the company "Transas" Nicholas Muzhikova. Live broadcast. Favorite sight Vice President. Still, after all this, he invented and developed an attraction.

— Any of our partner, who bought a cabin Trans Force, may, as we are now, to see how it works, what people say — in short, the whole process. There, on the roof of a surveillance camera there, and the video is automatically transmitted to the site — just using your password go to the page.

Partners Muzhikov calls everyone who buys it rides.

— And do you want to go? We here in the office is an experimental model, I show you.

Ten minutes meandering corridors. People rarely come across. Transplanted from one elevator to another. The company has a large office.

Businessman on the move and continues to talk about the attractions.

— That we have a generation of 5D, — he explains.

— What does this mean?

— Well, that’s added to the 3D effect of the car — turned 4D. Full interactivity of all the participants — this is 5D, — says the man. — Although largely a marketing ploy one in our industry is not yet precise terms.

Cabs fashion 5D-format company began selling last year, in April. Now they are working for fifteen — in St. Petersburg, Jakarta, Kiev, Toronto, etc. In general, Muzhikov wants to conquer the whole world.

At the end of the 90 similar attractions to be found in entertainment centers and at the Sochi coast. It was the race car simulators, water scooters, etc. Then came the advanced models with 3D-graphics, but they did not give a sense of "detachment from reality", and the script they have always been the same. In Trans Force’s different: the closed cabin, large screen, good stereo, a realistic simulation of traffic, a lot of scenarios — in short, the full effect of presence.

— We have about fifteen scenarios interactive travel, now more writing — says the man. — The potential of this market is disproportionately higher than in all other areas of the "Transas".

Amusement businessman carried away recently — before he was involved in simulators for military pilots and sailors. Now here is expanded, so to speak, the audience.

In the 88-year 25-year-old mate of the ship "Smolensk" Nicholas Muzhikov toiled in the next flight out of boredom.

— It was a very ancient times. We captain bought a computer, and on the boat after doing nothing special, here we are with a friend and began to dismantle the instructions to him in Italian. I wanted to make an electronic mapping system. I myself have not any programmer, and the navigator, was finishing Makarovka (State Maritime Academy Admiral Makarov. — "PP"), but it was interesting, and I wrote a program in Basic, and digitized map of the Danish straits. Used it as a supplement to the paper charts. I am the captain then wrote the award for efficiency suggestion — 60 rubles — and in the workbook said gratefully.

In the marine business, as in the village, everybody knows everybody. And learned about the incident from a digitized map. In the end, after about two years, sailors Nikolai Lebedev, Evgeny Komrakov, Nicholas Peasants and engineer Viktor Godunov decided to start a company that would deal with the creation and sale of electronic navigational charts.

— The company came up with Lebedev — he’s a very adventurous at all. That’s why the president.

— And then?

— Established "Transas", the scientists recruited programmers. I was responsible for sales, campaigned "for the Soviets." Great desire was to prove that we are doing a good product. Anyway I liked it — a business deal … I’m a good school survival Makarovka has passed, there is tempered character — learn to bring to an end all, get used to the terrain, you become stubborn. Many people who work with us from there. Maybe that’s why I switched easily.

— For the 90 you have chosen a rather strange kind of business.

— We have, unfortunately — or fortunately? — In the 90’s there was no access to the valve, or even to the tap. Where from? We were just sailors wanted to create something of their own. And a little bit of money invested — had their own savings. "All that is acquired by overwork" was given to the company to pay programmers. First, electronic chart systems sold, only then began to make avionics and marine simulators. Well, the West moved our products — then it was unique.

— Did as it is now called, innovative business?

— I do not like these terms, I am a simple man. It has now become fashionable to call all the innovations. We were the first to make e-cards, colorful, beautiful. Already in the 92 th year on the ship "Anna Karenina" installed the first system — a joy it was!

Today, the activity "Transas" the last thing associated with the cards. In addition to the coastal security of navigation, marine aviation equipment, navigation software, training simulators for the sailors and pilots the company designs and manufactures unmanned aerial vehicles.

The total turnover of the company for the past year totaled $ 250 million How much of that money has got in his pocket Muzhikova, it is not recognized.

— Money in the pockets we never shove — brushes off my former sailor. — It happened that most of the profit we are always invested in the development of the company, so the oligarchs to us so far away.

Exterior view of a businessman and really shows his calm attitude towards money: plain gray suit and pink tie reason. His own appearance obviously does not care.

— I have modest needs: for example, a plane or a boat and not worthy to buy. And indeed a man to be happy is not very much money. Income is probably above average. Vacationing with your family — children and grandchildren — a stable ride twice a year, and no more. In Courchevel never was.

About money Muzhikova say uninteresting, he prefers pro-business.

Until recently, he was responsible for the direction of the sea "Transas". And then decided that the technology professional "immersive virtual reality" can be adapted to ordinary mortals.

— Yes sick of it! Everything has been debugged routine. And the market is narrow. Imagine, in the United States n
ow has about 50 of our professional training simulators, and some are worth a million, and two dollars — We are keeping the order of 50-60% of the market, but there are serious limitations. Sailors and pilots are not many. And the rides — it … — Man throws up his hands, as if covering the globe — all the world. At least because ordinary people with children much more than sailors. The market simulators in the hundreds of vehicles, and attractions — thousands.

To establish a presence in the entertainment industry man decided tested way — by opening a restaurant in St. Petersburg "Trance Force".

— Then, six years ago, we are not particularly to the wise, took the old software from the professional maritime training simulators, which I do, deployed it on a big screen in the restaurant, they have equipped cabins — had something they were still without a stereo.

Now there are about a dozen restaurants. They are stylized cabin space ships, covered with a dome — a screen on which the image is transmitted outside the "space shuttle". Next to each table has a monitor, with the help of visitors bought food and run "interactive flight": choose the travel route, take part in quizzes.

The main action takes place on a large dome screen. However, the first "movie" success in the restaurant did not use all bored and in the military.

— Later we began to write the script of flights coming up with different chips. Adult added a bit of "strawberries" with humor. There were even taking pictures with our Petrograd leading comedians — tells the man.

Actors needed to dilute the "virtual flight" quiz for adults. While on the big screen show views of space, the monitor displays the actors: they ask questions, and if the majority of visitors to answer them correctly, for example, the scenario travel "Spring off the hook" of his character — Little Red Riding Hood — disclaims any one garment another. There are puritanical options — ride on the canals of St. Petersburg, to fly to the moon or get a pre-historic times. Travelling in a restaurant lasts two hours — during which time you can and eat, and play.

— My grandson still does not believe that we do not fly into space. Him this year celebrated five years, we went with him to our restaurant. He was frightened, said, "Grandpa, we run out of here!" I thought I did not like. And it turns out, it was terrible — he snuggled up to me, grabbed my arm and says, "Let’s not fly." Children believe that all this is really happening — eagerly tells the man. — And here’s more difficult with teenagers. We have to write some scripts: for example, we have the program "Graduation," also with the actors. We put a little sotsialki added: well, that smoking and fast food — it’s bad. These performances are very popular, and the scenario changes are necessary: graduates something new every year.
"Wow" effect

— All that came from. Here on this cabin and we all feel — shows the guy on the metal box. — Here is the bill acceptor, and check crawl away and surrender. On the monitor, are all available at this time travel scenario: you can with the shooters, can educational, with a quiz. A ride on a roller coaster Trans Force in Moscow costs 200 rubles, and, for example, in Ufa — 100. On the check is the address of a website where you can view your photos in a cabin made during the trip.

The images are unclear.

— People like to anyway because that’s free — adds a businessman.

After the briefing, climb inside. The cabin seats five, near each joystick controls. There is a main wheel, for it goes down man. We put on 3D-glasses and go to space travel to the planet Gluck. Appears on the screen cartoon robot Forsik — tells how to manage virtual ship. Take off. Heard the roar of the turbines. After a moment, there is a real sense of mission, and although in a spaceship none of us have been and are unlikely to ever visit, you start to believe that everything is real. Use the joystick to change the trajectory to circumnavigate the asteroids — the cabin shakes, and we are in it too. Appear out of nowhere flying skeletons, they should shoot. "Kill" all does not work. Peasants masterfully manages the spacecraft — the effect of long years of practice.

— Skeletons were not afraid? — Trying to shout fire and rumble of turbines man.

— No!

— It’s good for the kids did the same to us … not accused of promoting violence, skeletons on the screen is not much, and of blood, you see, not at all. That’s better, I think — says the navigator.

This looks like computer games, but Muzhikova this comparison does not like — he insists that their technology closer to interactive movies.

— The computer people can play for hours and still not see each other. On the internet sit and kill each other — well, what it is! And we have another problem: we gather people on the same team, they are together to fight against evil, getting some points and prizes. All planned out so that the person received the most impressions and positive emotions and went on about their business — talks about his brainchild businessman.

Our flight lasted six minutes — and that is enough. While at first I thought that the creators just greedy. In vain: I even slightly seasick.

— It’s okay — it soothes me Muzhikov — with adults is sometimes the case with the children almost never. However, there is still no one never puked — busily he adds. — Now, if three or four times a ride, then the tower can carry. We have been the case when the child suddenly became squeal — thank God, there is a button in the cockpit of an emergency stop. Once turned off, he immediately calmed down.

— How much are your cabin?

— If you buy a 140,000 euro. But there is a partnership scheme: pay 90,000 plus 10 per cent of the turnover, but for that you get technical support and new programs.

Peasants sure its attractions are unique and nothing like it in the world no one else does.

— When we were at the show in Vegas, "Entertainment Industry", the people crowded — no one believed that Russia could someone do this. Our cabin also looked cool, yellow-blue, right out of there and went to Canada, in Toronto.

The men excitedly talks about the new scenarios that will be available soon in the cockpits of Trans Force. For it is the main attraction — constantly updated library of games that people do not get bored. To do this, the whole staff of designers.

— There will be underwater adventures with a robot Masha and our permanent virtual guide — Forsikom robot. According to the plan, it boldly, it is a coward. Yet we are now engaged in rendering and development of military scenario of the First World War. This time we chose not to offend anyone: witnesses had already left — says the long-haired man of thirty.

— This is Paul, our chief designer — says the man. — He just war and engaged.

On the monitor, the designer pictures of tanks, armored trains — paint "from life." In the early stages of drawing picture is dull and muffled — squares and rectangles on a gray-green background. I explain that then all this will turn into a military decoration: the destroyed houses, train station, tanks, cars, etc. I believe the hard way.

— Even with the dinosaurs like the script to do, but something threw them … — Guys questioning look designer.

— Well, I do not know — a melancholy meets Muzhikova Paul. — We are engaged in war, and dinosaurs that were drawn — they are. But so far not thought through, visitors will come to interact with them.

Relieved that dinosaurs are not forgotten, we’re leaving, and again the chief navigator "Trans Forsa" leads us to a deserted corridor to the elevator.

— We are the same cab mu
seums offer, only for them finalizing the design and script. One of our attraction is the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics, the other in the Darwin Museum — its visitors are now able to get into the Carboniferous period: During the journey, they are rescued from the meteor shower can take a photo of fossil fish. In May, our attraction appears also in the Military History Museum, "Prokhorov field."

The first cabin Muzhikov designed himself. He says nothing complicated. However, according to his drawings, it is getting too expensive — I had to change everything.

— I do not have any formal training: I graduated navigation faculty, and the rest in practice learned. He sat all weekend, hell, bring to mind. However, for the electronic part I did not even take — these other people are doing. Piece of iron — it is only ten percent of success because it is only the form, and all the brains inside. The main value of the product is software that is almost impossible to copy without the huge financial and time investment.

Muzhikova not sit in his chair and then he runs up to the laptop to see how increasing the number of visits Trans Force. It can be two o’clock in a row to watch the way the operators work, and listen to what people say, getting out of the cab. Sometimes looks made her photos of "travelers".

— It’s such a thrill when you see that people like our cabin. I myself rarely ride, only when necessary.

His adrenaline he gets a different way. Now before him only one goal — to conquer the world. The scale Muzhikov loves.

— I was lucky that when we all met. And thanks to the team joined Nikolay Y. [Lebedev]: he’s a master strategist and general policies. And I’m not good in politics. Why I still like watching attractions: this business is almost not related to government contracts — like you do not love, no one is concerned. I talk to restaurateurs, people from the entertainment industry, the owners of shopping centers — in short, the business community, our direct customers. Now we even have something in the positioning of the product: do not rest more on the 5D — say that it is cost-effective, profitable business. But we went to it five years. If you do not have a product, but only the idea, no one to even talk to you will not. Brand Trans Force are still very few people know, but when you come to the talks and shows the product, usually all agree to try, because the attraction — it’s really a point of attraction for the whole family.

Delivery man comes back to the laptop to show how much earn his rides.

— A cabin in Moscow consistently brings a month 600-700 thousand. A week is more than hundreds.

— So your project has already become profitable?

— While we make only to have to support yourself, slowly begin to return on investment. The product appeared not so long ago, and the crisis we knocked down. At the restaurant it had a strong effect, and on contracts with the museums. In 2008, we made a big delivery to multiple, and last failed to win a single order.

— Do not you love the state?

— Why? — Outraged man. — Loves. Here’s Dmitry Medvedev, we had a visit to the main office, we showed him the Trans Force — he liked it very much.

In a cabinet on one wall hang portraits of Medvedev and Putin. On the other — the diplomas, one with a signature
Patriarch Kirill.

— What — I ask — and your church rides member?

— This is for his contribution to the establishment of traditional spiritual and moral values. The diploma awarded in the nomination "The development of education and science." — Man, it seems a little hurt, he prefers to talk about the crisis: — He has hit us, stopped most of the projects have even signed. Construction projects are frozen, some shopping centers have opened, but there are half-empty: no tenants, and hence the flow.

— For you, this is the second crisis?

— And what was the first? Default or something, in the 98th? Yes it is we do not benefit at all. The "Transas" then major contracts in the West have been.

— Tell me, do not you tired of so many years in the same company to work?

— I have all my life — 20 years — "Transas" toil, and all the time, new horizons open up. Five years ago, I do everything changed: it’s a brand new business! Change must be, otherwise you lose the grip. I was drawn to something fresh, like adventure. It was obvious that our technology is necessary to conquer other markets, and all have supported me. But no one knew how it was going to happen.

— And now, you know?

— I have no illusions, and then there was a business is very difficult. With our restaurants, we made a big mistake, because it did not attract experienced restaurateurs: do not open them where necessary. And if you choose the wrong place, will remain at a loss. Right now I struggle with Indonesia: there is a huge shopping center, a restaurant with 200 seats, and the cabin is ours. Chat with him and say, ‘Guys, cabin Keep on the first floor — the fifth-something. Of course, you have 230 million lives, but I think they still do not reach there. " And they could not care less: hung at the entrance to the shopping center and twist the plasma screens commercials restaurant with our attraction. But the people on these monitors do not watch.

Russian businessman on the vast work is not that interesting, the company is looking for partners abroad. The men say that the general wants to focus solely on the Western market.

— We have now signed exclusive agreements with partners in Finland, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Syria, negotiations are under way in other countries. This year, I have to wander around the world — to establish distribution network, as I did in the beginning, when engaged in the direction of the sea. Last month, met with potential partners in Dubai
London and Singapore, Manila and Kuala Lumpur.

The men by almost one hundred percent sure that this quest that he invented for himself and be a complete success.

— It’s called the English word challenge: you Grow your child, bring that people … That’s when our rides will be in each country, think of something new, as yet do not know that.

Photos: Tatiana Plotnikova for "PP", Alexander Petrosyan for "PP"

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