As the melted Rossiyanka (mind blowing video)

When you read that on the construction of the complex NLMK blast furnace number 7 (Russia’s) daily were employed to 5,000 people — the brain refuses to accept the scale of numbers. When in front of the eyes — picture dokfilma about "Russian woman", filmed by the federal TV channel Russia-24, the story finally scaled:

After watching a truly sparkling film is not superfluous to fix all the details of the project in an interview with "Metal Supply and Sales" NLMK CEO Igor Anisimov and senior executive vice president of the company Paul Wurth Andre Kremer.

Blast furnace number 7 NLMK nominated by the organizing committee of the International Industrial Exhibition "Metal-Expo" for the prize of the contest "The main event of 2011 in the Russian steel industry," awarding the winners of which will take place on November 15 during the official reception on the one thousand people on the occasion of the opening of "Metal- Expo’2011. "

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