As the Zionists saved Jews during World War II

For the Jewish people, World War II was a terrible tragedy — a third of the Jews killed were destroyed most durable, traditional communities. Why has this happened, why this energetic people could not be saved? Aside from the obvious culprits — the Nazis were other culprits that contributed to the tragedy, who — out of ignorance, who — according to indifference to other people's lives, who — for reasons of ideology.

Anecdote tells of a freezing sparrow rescued cow dung and ruined cat. "Not everyone who shits on you, the enemy is, not everyone who pulls out of the shit — friend." This children's story comes to mind when talking about the complex relationship between the Jews and the Zionist movement. Anticipating the subsequent, state the main reproach to Zionism is a movement arose for the protection and rescue of Jews, primarily of Jews in Eastern Europe, but then their main goal put the creation and consolidation of a Jewish state in Palestine. To achieve this, the Zionist movement was — to this day — is ready to sacrifice the interests of the Jews. During World War II, it just happened.

For Soviet people this charge should not be surprising — Zionism — contemporary Bolshevism, and he also developed the slogan "you can not make an omelet without breaking eggs." But here's the difference: the Bolsheviks goal was universal — the building of socialism in Russia, the pursuit of happiness for all, and for the Zionist goal — the creation of a powerful state in the Middle East, the successor to the empire of Solomon. To achieve this goal, all means are good.

Shabtai (Sabbatai) Beit Zvi, an old Russian Jew who worked all his life in the archives of the Jewish Agency in Tel Aviv, and in retirement, published in 1977, self-published ("By author") thick volume of 500 pages quarto with a long and misty called "post-crisis Ugandan Zionism in the days of the Holocaust years 1938-1945." This book went unnoticed general reader, and its terrifying opening and conclusions about the role of the Zionist movement in the tragedy of European Jewry was impressed by a bomb in just six years old when they were cited and well-known official Israeli historian Dina Porat. Since then, his work was used many times by historians, not always refer to vegetate, away from worldly eyes of the pensioner.

To come back to this in the future, I will say that by "post-Ugandan Zionism" Beit Zvi was referring to the Zionist movement that formed early in the century, that is exactly modern Zionism of the twentieth century. According to BC, at the beginning of the century there was a crisis in Zionism: to take or not to offer England — to create a Jewish state in Uganda. Concern for the welfare of the Jewish people were in favor of Uganda ("Mensheviks"), but won "palestinotsentristy" ("Bolshevik"), and who have embarked on the construction of a Jewish state in Palestine at any cost, in that it would not cost the Jewish people. In particular, it has had in the days of celebration of Nazism, when the Jewish people could not save her from death-thirds — precisely because of the Zionist movement to save the Jews was to anything — if they did not go to Palestine, and the non-Zionist Jewish movement did not enjoy great influence.

"In December 1942, when the scale of the destruction of European Jewry became clear (writes BC), the future of Israel's second president Shazar asked a rhetorical question: Why do we (the Zionist movement) did not know why the Nazis caught us by surprise?" And another member of the same session Zionist leaders, Moshe Aram said: "We have been unwitting accomplices in the murder (that did not know and did not take action)."

The Zionist Organization has managed to "not know" about the crash until the autumn of 1942, and that it was only because she did not want to know, concludes BC.

Next BC determines when the Nazis decided to proceed with the destruction of the Jews: apparently, in the summer of 1941, the first document of this was dated July 31, 1941 The destruction of a secret, and if the country of Germany opponent knew about it, they could stop or slow down or disrupt the performance of the unwritten order of Hitler. But the Zionist organization was not interested in publicity, and behaved irresponsibly: even before the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939 at the XXI Congress of the Zionist movement in Geneva, the head of the Zionists, the future first president of Israel, Chaim Weizman, declared war on Germany — not on behalf of the Jews Palestine, not on behalf of the Zionists, and on behalf of the entire Jewish people. August 21, 1939 the application was published, and then it allowed the Nazis to say that "the Jews started the war." According to BC, this has affected the egocentric position Zionists always gave his point of view for the views of all Jewish people, and do not care about the people.

The Zionist media obey the instructions of their leaders, and even when the March 16, 1942 appeared in the press — on the basis of the letter of the Soviet People's Commissariat Molotov — the first evidence of a mass extermination of the Jews, after Babi Yar and other places, the next day, March 17, 1942 in Palestine, Jewish newspapers have published an official denial: "Talk about a hundred thousand dead Jews — fabrications and exaggerations. " Molotov wrote about 52 thousand Jews murdered in Kiev Zionist newspaper "Davar" reprint his words with a caveat: "According to our data, the majority of the victims in Kiev — not Jews." Other newspapers also took data Molotov and gave their data: in Kiev lost only one thousand Jews. BC cites dozens of Zionist newspapers, and all one idea — no mass destruction are not kept, it is all nonsense. "Do not fan the rumors — the newspaper" Gatsofe "the next day — and so a lot of trouble for the people of Israel, and do not need to add a fictitious". But the press is not to blame, writes BC — Jewish population of Palestine did not want to hear bad news from Europe. And yet, "an army of writers, commentators, journalists pumped readers soothing descriptions and explanations of lime." Only opposition group "Brit Shalom", supporters of peace with the Arabs believed the letter Molotov, but no one listened.

At the same time, proves BC, Zionist leaders knew about the true state of affairs. Knew but were not interested — not only in Palestine but also in London and New York. Sympathy from them not to be expected: one, as Ben Gurion was not the case before the European Jews, others resent the Jews "give himself to kill" and not fight like the legendary heroes of biblical times.

It defaults were monetary reasons. BC describes in detail how the Zionists were struggling with trying to attract considerable funds Zionist Organization and the Jewish people — to save Jews.

January 18, 1943 the news of the death of the Jews became widespread, it became impossible to hide them, and they had to discuss. At a meeting of the leaders of the Zionist position won Yitzhak Grinboym: not to give a penny to the salvation of the Jews of Europe, and are not permitted to raise funds to save the Jews. "It is dangerous to Zionism, we can not give money to Zionist funds to rescue the Jews of that money would be enough, but we will keep the money for our struggle. Zionism above all — this is our answer to those who need distraction to save the Jews of Europe. " At the same meeting, was elected Yitzhak Grinboym "minister to rescue the Jews of Europe" …

The Zionist movement virtually eliminated from worries about saving the lost. BC brings dozens of quotes and reports of those times: "In May 1942, American Zionist leader Abba Hillel Silver identified two major challenges facing the Zionists of America: national education and promotion of the idea of an independent Jewish state. On Salvation — words. In October 1942, Ben Gurion identified three main objectives of Zionism: the fight against restrictions on Jewish immigration, the creation of the Jewish armed forces, the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine after the war. On Salvation — not a word. "

But the Zionist movement was not only indifferent to the matter of salvation: it blew off all the bailouts during the Evian Conference. This disruption devotes an entire BC chapter of his book, and it shows the unlimited influence of Zionists in the popular press and their ability to influence minds. Evian Conference was convened in March 1938 at the initiative of U.S. President Roosevelt to help the emigration of Jews from Germany, at the time included Austria. First, the Jewish world has a conference call with enthusiasm and even gave her the title "The conference conscience of the world." The Zionist movement had hoped that the conference would give the Jews to settle in Palestine, that decision will be made binding England — sovereign Palestine — accept Jewish refugees.

But this did not happen — Evian Conference was engaged in rescue plans for the Jews, not the plan of settling Palestine. All the representatives of the countries talked about the possibility of hosting refugees in their countries, and did not think to put pressure on England. "And then radically changed their attitude to the Zionist conference — wrote BC, — the enthusiasm gave way to anger, and hope gave way to disappointment. It was canceled the speech of the Zionist movement, Chaim Weizmann: if the conference is not going to solve the problem of the Jews forever by resettling them in the Land of Israel — and there is nothing to try. " Immediately all the Zionist press raised a hysterical campaign "we are thrown and no one will comfort us in this unscrupulous world."

Non-Zionist observers were optimistic: the conference offered hope to welcome all potential emigrants in different countries. Had reason to hope, and that is why the Zionists were struggling to torpedo the conference. BC brings a letter from a Zionist leader George Landauer another — Stephen Vize: "In particular, we (Zionists) are afraid that the conference would motivate Jewish organizations to raise funds for the resettlement of Jewish refugees, as it will hurt us raise money for our purpose." BC chapter summarizes the speech Zionist Chaim Weizmann: "To accept Jewish refugees in any country will need a lot of money, it means that the Zionist finances will be undermined. If the conference is successful, (that is to help Jewish refugees to emigrate from Nazi Germany) — it will cause irreparable damage to Zionism. God forbid that the countries — participants of the conference have revealed their generosity and invited the Jews in Germany within its borders, while Palestine would be pushed to other countries, the Jews will not give money, and the English will not give permission to enter Palestine. "

Just at the idea of saving the Jews and the other leaders of Zionism (at a meeting of the all-powerful Jewish Agency June 26, 1938): Grinboym spoke of "the terrible danger of Evian", and David Ben-Gurion said that if successful, it will bring great harm to Zionism . The main task of the Zionists, he said, to lower the image of the conference and to try to break it and not allow it to make decisions.

So they did — to the conference delegation left for the lowest rank, and she basically tried to dissuade delegates from other countries, why, they say, they want Jewish immigrants?

In the history is preserved only the Zionist point of view and the Zionists were disappointed that the conference did not put pressure on England and did not require the resettlement of Jews to Palestine. Zionists sabotaged the efforts of all the Western countries to rescue Jews from Nazi Germany: better that they perish in Dachau than leave any country, except for the (future) of Israel. Of course, at that time, in 1938, no one thought about the possibility of mass destruction, but still heavy responsibility Zionists to disrupt a conference and objectively contributed to the deaths of millions. After all, the Nazis wanted to just get rid of the Jews, deport them — but it was not easy. Many German Jews were patriots of their country and did not want to leave it even in the face of serious persecution. Despite the Nuremberg Laws, the pogroms, discrimination, the annual number of Jews emigrating to fall and reached 20,000 people. Total from 1933 to 1938, emigrated from Germany, only 137 thousand Jews. This slow pace angered the Nazis who wanted to quickly get rid of the Jews. Evian Conference was to help solve the problem: to find a new location for the German and Austrian Jews.

Had the opportunity to negotiate: Germany agreed not to drive 200,000 Jews of old, and the other countries were willing to take about half a million people for three or four years, of which the United States — one hundred thousand, Brazil — forty thousand, Dominican Republic — one hundred thousand, etc. . BC describes in detail how the Zionists thwarted the plans of emigration of Jews — a plan Rabelais and others. Future Foreign Minister Moshe Sharett (Chertok) said at a meeting of the Zionist leadership November 12, 1938, two days after the Kristallnacht pogrom of mass of Jews in Germany: The Jewish Agency should not be an accomplice of emigration to other countries. Yitzhak Grinboym, "Minister for salvation of the Jews," was even steeper: "We need to break the organized emigration from Germany and start an open war against Germany, not thinking about FATE OF GERMAN JEWS. OF COURSE, THE JEWS IN GERMANY paid for it, but what to do. "

BC considers a mistake "war with Germany," the Zionists started: in his view, it was still possible to agree to smooth relations, but not to take the course of the blockade, boycott, isolation of Germany. So you can avoid, in his opinion, the anti-Jewish measures.

The Zionists have thwarted all attempts to save the Jews out of Palestine. The people of the world want to save the Jews, but not on the ruins of Palestinian villages, not by the genocide of Palestinians. This did not suit the Zionists. They foiled a plan refugee settlement on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines, pierced by President Roosevelt, the plan of settlement in British Guiana, in Australia. When Chamberlain offered to give refuge and an opportunity to settle Jewish refugees in Tanganyika (now Tanzania in East Africa), the leader of the American Zionist Stephen Wise said, "It's better to perish My brothers GERMAN JEWS THAN LIVE IN former German colony." Of course, Wise had no idea that death is waiting for the Jews of Germany, for him it was just a — a figure of speech.

But in the future, writes BC, the Zionists treated with cruelty to the Jewish people. So, in April 1942, when the news of the destruction of the Jewish community had spread throughout the world, "foreign minister" of the Zionist movement, said: should not engage in rescuing Jews if they did not immigrate to Palestine. At the same time, Chaim Weizmann, expressed his joy, and that there was no refuge for Jews. The head of the Zionists of America Stephen Wise even stopped sending food parcels to Jews who are dying of hunger in the ghettos of Poland.

BC discusses in detail the proposal of the ruler of Trujillo of the Dominican Republic — to take hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees (to increase the white population, attract capital and to improve relations with the United States). And then the Zionists took for the failure of the proposal. Only a few dozen families got to Santo Domingo and survived. Others the way was blocked by all the forces of the Zionist organization: the financiers did not give money, moralists have warned that in Santo Domingo oppress blacks, purists wrote that there are inevitable intermarriage. By 1943, Chaim Weizmann was able to say with satisfaction that the plan is buried.

One of the most horrific stories in the book associated with the ships of "Patria" and the "Struma". Over the years and decades Zionist propaganda says that the Jewish refugees on board the ships chose death when they were not allowed in the (future) Israel and blew up. More evil Zionist propaganda vinyl throughout the English allegedly undermined "Patria" and torpedo the "Struma". In the words of Ben-Gurion University in May 1942, "Land of Israel, or death." This meant in practice that the Zionists are not Jews of Europe was left no choice but death or emigration.

On board the "Patria" was almost two thousand refugees, mostly Jews from Czechoslovakia and Germany, she was standing at the Haifa port in November 1940 before being sent to the island of Mauritius. England, sovereign Palestine, could not let so many illegal immigrants, against the will of the Palestinian people, but did not want to, and destruction of the Jews — so she decided to deport refugees to the island in the Indian Ocean before the end of the war. But the command "Haganah" organizing illegal Jewish militants, later the Israeli army has decided to break the expulsion, and to do this — to make a mine explosion on board the "Patria". The decision was approved by the "foreign minister" of the Jewish community of Palestine Chertok-Charette, was responsible for the execution of Saul Avigur, later one of the heads of the Israeli intelligence service. Meir Mardor a mine planted in the bottom of the ship and it exploded at about nine o'clock in the morning. The ship sunk in for 10-15 minutes, and with it — 250 refugees.

If it were not for a series of random factors, the victims would have been even more — the 'Haganah' wanted to blow up a much larger mine, but the port was guarded, and most of mine were not able to deliver to the board, "Patria". Could not they undermine the mine and the dead of night — or, perhaps, and there would be no survivors. "For reasons of national solidarity silence opponents of this action," wrote BC, even when the Zionists were trying to put the blame on … the British, who selflessly rescued passengers "Patria".

The exact fate of the "Struma" is unknown, because only one person survived, but BC believes that there is very likely a diversion. (Nowadays usually say that it mistakenly torpedoed by the Soviet submarine). The Zionist leadership has concerned the deaths of refugees calmly, "Patria": "Their sacrifice was not in vain," said Eliyahu Golomb. "Day (deportation of refugees from)" Atlantic "was a black day for me (the death of refugees)," Patria ", he added, clearly expressing the creed of Zionism — even better than the Jews will die, if we can not bring them to Israel.

BC talks about the attempt of the religious orthodox Jews of America in October 1943 to influence President Roosevelt and Washington to get help and rescue the dying of the Jews of Europe. This attempt was thwarted by the Zionists, have achieved what Roosevelt did not accept the delegation.

BC took up his book in 1975 under the influence of a topical events. At the time, Israel and the Zionist establishment is required to close the gates of America before emigrating Soviet Jews, what they have achieved in October 1989. As in the days of the war, the Zionists and to this day the Jews are denied the right choice — they required live in Israel. And for that, they do not stop at nothing — not before fueling anti-Semitism in the Jewish population, nor to pressure on states wishing to migratory Jews.

Conclusion. Zionism, and especially its right wing, now ruling in Israel, is always easy to find a common language with fascism. In recent decades, this was expressed in the military and military-technical assistance to the fascist regimes in Latin America, from Pinochet in Chile and El Salvador to the thugs, a little earlier — Union with Jacques Soustelle and SLA, which led to the historic divergence Zionists with France de Gaulle. But even before the Second World War, members of the right-wing Zionist organizations were fascinated by Mussolini and offered him help in the fight against England.

Friendly terms with the Nazi Zionists and Nazis. Leading Zionist-socialist Chaim Arlosoroff signed a "transfer of capital and technology," which created the most favorable conditions between Zionists of Palestine and the Third Reich. The Zionist movement were operating legally in the Third Reich, and even byda minted medal bearing the six-pointed Star of David with a swastika on one side and — on the other. For details of the Nazis and the Zionists can be read in the book of the American Jewish Trotskyite Lenni Brenner's "Zionism in the Age of Dictators", or in short, filled with facts article Mark Weber's "Zionism and the Third Reich."

After the war, the Zionists did not stop at nothing to achieve his goal and did not spare "his people." This was reflected in the organization of the massive wave of emigration from Iraq, described in detail the known Israeli journalist Tom Segev in his book "1949", and before that — the Middle East correspondent for the British newspaper "The Guardian" David Hurst in his book "The gun and the olive branch" (Faber and Faber, 1977 ).

The mass immigration of Jews from Iraq was triggered by three explosions in the synagogues of Baghdad. Over time, it became clear that the bombings were carried out by agents of the Israeli intelligence service. Another powerful factor was the incessant reports in the American press about podsionistskoy "impending massacres" in Iraq (as it resembles the talk of impending pogroms in Russia in 1990!). Sasson Kadoorie, the Chief Rabbi of Iraq, wrote in his memoirs: "By mid-1949 propaganda war in America began in earnest. USD had to rescue the Iraqi Jews — no matter if they needed to be saved. Every day there were riots — in the pages of "New York Times" in correspondence from Tel Aviv. Why did not anyone ask us? .. In Iraq, began to appear Zionist agents who use a common voltage in the country and promising mountains of gold to the Jews. Began mass emigration permit requirements, began to accuse the Iraqi government that it pursues the Jews ".

Finally, under the pressure of demonstrations and trade boycott the Iraqi government capitulated and issued a decree on the mass emigration of Jews — almost an exile. Needless to say that the Iraqi Jews in Israel have found no mountains of gold, but the situation at the bottom of society. So Zionism has once again shown its cruel face — David Hurst completes the story.

Similarly organized and mass emigration from the Soviet Union in 1990-1993. Bloomed provocative rumors of impending pogroms, they are infinitely multiplied, passed through the prism of western news agencies, combined with stories about the beautiful life in Israel. Years later, I met in Jerusalem Alla Gerber, the Moscow Jewish writer, an active participant of the "case Ostashvili."

— You Israelis should erect a monument to me — she said. — That I sent you a million Russian Jews.

It was found that Alla Gerber (with Shekochikhin and Chernichenko) to broadcast misinformation about the impending massacres, with the alleged target date — the fifth of May. Created by these rumors wave stampede helped destabilize the Soviet Union and hastened his death. Of course, the words Alla Gerber would have no effect unless they have been repeatedly reinforced throughout the propaganda machine of the Zionist public relations. It is not because someone else would have whispered the right words, repeated compliant device, and unsophisticated "Soviet citizens of Jewish origin" pulled a string to sweep the streets of Tel Aviv, shooting at Palestinian children, die and go to bed in unconsecrated ground outside the fence of the Jewish cemetery on the distant land.

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