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Do not have time to go first lecture bloggers School Patriots (, As it became clear that the trolls-advocates work is long and earnest. Here is the text Manuals for "trolls" on the forums. Where are clearly described, and what to do and say when communicating on the forums.
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So, the actual material.

Memo troll (instructions for the soldier and the (work on the forums).


To convey to the audience thought the best way possible, you need to follow a few steps predvaritelnyhz to Russian patriots took you for his own.
1. At every opportunity to mention the positive way the Soviet Union and its leaders, particularly — IV Stalin. This will give you tremendous opportunities in the future. Publish memories of veterans, stories from the life of the characters, references to the military-historical themes.
2. Always compare the achievements of today’s Russia with the achievements of the Soviet Union. For 70 years, the Soviet Union had a powerful and industrial growth in the 30s, and serious scientific achievements in the 70’s. Combining it in one text, it is easy to prove the nullity of any attempt to produce anything in modern Russia.
3. If something in modern Russia still managed to develop or produce, just indicate that in the USSR it would be better, and would have produced.
For example, the best commentary on the first flight of the PAK FA is as follows: "Under Stalin, the aircraft would already be in the army." He is patriotic, it can not be refuted and, most importantly, it completely eliminates the achievement of Russia in the eyes of the reader.
4. All production in Russia compare with well-chosen examples from the Soviet era. For example, soobeschnie on the number of new planes and tanks easily compare with the release of planes and tanks in 1942.
5. Always implies that we want to attack our immediate neighbors. Remember his more often in 1941. If you are considering a threat from China, subtly hint that NATO will not remain on the sidelines.
6. Having earned a reputation as a patriot, you can move on to more daring executing. According to the tiniest ask about the resignation of the minister, the government and the President. Very good effect of the phrase "And under Stalin they would have sileli / they would have shot ‘
7. Often accuse of lying. You can either unaddressed, such as "sit In the government liars" and targeted in the style of "Putin — a 99% liar."

After this training, you will believe far more people. If you just write something like "Ares is about to take off, and the Angara will not fly ever," or "T-80 is sent to be scrapped because of corruption," You just kick the can from the forum. If you prefix the phrase about the success story of Soviet space exploration or the Red Army in World War II, you will believe even the people in the know.
1. Definitions and terms:
Russia — the country illegally owning mineral reserves on its territory, which belong to the world
"Proplachenny agent of the Kremlin" — any opponent who uses facts and figures to answer
"United Russia party on salary" — anyone who criticizes the government is not on the forum
"Western democracy" — an unattainable model, an ideal society in which countries should aspire, illegally possessing the world’s fossil riches

General advice:
2. Try to eat smaller numbers. Unfortunately the numbers can be checked and it will undermine your position. Do not use a percentage comparison — can be confusing.
/ / My comment: Facts and figures undermine the position of "troll-promoters" and liberals — this is serious. This is not just a propaganda trick, it’s a sign of weakness. The real positive numbers and facts about our country just cover them nothing.
2.1 If the numbers still eat, never use the Russian statistics — it can not be correct by definition. Correct is only the American, Japanese and European statistics.
2.2 Always use the saying about the fact that "statistics is one big lie."
If the statistics in Rush shows something bad, it is true, but down at least ten times.
To refute this assertion is not possible, so always eat these objections, where it can be said.
If you are using American statistics, all saying exactly the opposite. Prove nothing. Suffice it to mention the opponent "proplacheny edinorosa hireling."

2.3 If your opponent does not links — then call it unsubstantiated gossip. If your opponent uses references — that he "kopipaster" and has nothing to say of his head. Do not forget to insert the adage that statistics — one big lie, so believe it makes no sense to the numbers.
If the opponent responds briefly — blame it in the surface coverage of the problem, and not knowing the subject. If the opponent is responsible deployed and detail — it boring pedant, and "there is no need to post such huge" foot bindings "- they still nobody reads» ©
/ / My comment: Another interesting. Lord "trolls" are not even able to adequately discuss or respond to opponents, and simply use the principle of "Baba Yaga and against."
2.4 Do not forget to call your opponent "cheerleader." A person rarely has an encyclopedic knowledge in all fields. Therefore, if the opponent is defeated you in the subject of weapons, the topic of the economy instead of answering the question of the growth of foreign exchange reserves of Russia, you can call him an expert on the T-34 and change the subject because of its discussion of incompetence — "my name too known that I said it to you »©.
It does not matter what you are into the economy worse enemy — the burden of justification lies on the accused.
2.5 If the opponent is still squeeze you some facts and figures, there is always a panacea. Blame the opponent that he did not see with my own eyes. And only on the Internet or on a photo. If the opponent is still seen with his own eyes the new Russian tanks or airplanes, all submarines, he just did not see. (They are in different seas, thousands of miles away from each other).
So, boats exist only on paper! Similarly, the opponent could not see Russian missiles and nuclear weapons, he does not, and can not be inconsistent. And be forced to admit that he did not see them. You won the argument! Just did not see — so they rusted and rotted.
/ / My comment: This is quite beyond reason. In this case, there is no Eiffel Tower, the city of Berlin, the bird ostrich, etc., as your own eyes I saw them, too.
Remember that even a very versatile opponent can not personally observe dozens of weapons, ships, aircraft, air defense systems. So, there is always a hundred weapons and technology, which he had not seen!
That is, the evidence against him on several types of weapons you always, as opposed to hundreds of kinds of weapons that he has not seen, and where exactly all the "uzhos."
The method is suitable not only for weapons. If the opponent is familiar with animal husbandry, the cement industry, he certainly does not understand, and if you still understands (unlucky), then in radio still dozens of technologies.
In principle, the method of search you can transfer all kinds of industries in a row, any your opponent does not find that the right to object (or get tired of it). So, again, you have won the argument.
2.6 Do not forget to declare victory. It is desirable to many times in a row.
Later, you can always insert a reminder of this "victory" in any other subject, such as GLONASS. Let your opponent again refutes and proves that the topic of export T-90 tanks a month ago, he was not able to prove with documents that the Turkish cement is not the 40% market share in Russia, and only 1%.
2.7 Any positive statement about Russia, of its army or navy should comment on: "Notably licked, bravo." Perfectly exasperated any decent person, especially if you repeat it often and without reason.
/ / My comment: Pressure on emotions has long been a favorite method of "troll-promoters," liberal journalists a
nd bloggers are paid. Instead of facts and real figures — some common phrases in the style of "all is lost", "stolen everything", "bad", etc.
2.8 Be sure to remind them that Mace, PAK FA did not fly (not the actual strike, the actual write, update the list attached).
3. Methods and techniques of productive flooding.
If it is difficult to deny anything because of blatant obviousness should apply the following techniques and methods of discussion:
3.1 If there is something in Russia is still running, it is the old Soviet design, plants, technology. Russian to the Soviet bear no relationship, so do not have any moral right to be proud of Soviet developments. All design work in the USSR were made by Jewish designers and created it all mercilessly exploited the national republics. Military aircraft do in Tashkent and Tbilisi — is not proof!
A spaceport in general was in Kazakhstan.
3.2 Always say that Russia sells only raw!
And if it is not raw, it’s something harmful, like nuclear power plants or weapons.
Be sure to note that Russian weapons are buying only the countries of the Third World. Neither the U.S. nor Britain do not buy it nobody wants weapons because it is of poor quality. Even if the T-90 tank is ten times cheaper than the best American Abrams tank of 1990, it still will not buy it. Because it is much worse.
This is the only undeveloped India, China, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and another 50 less developed countries are buying this technique no use to anyone.
In general, Russian exports of aircraft, tanks and ships with submarines brings a measly 8-10 billion dollars a year. Which is only one and a half times more than the annual budget of Lithuania.
3.3 Any question about the modernization of the Russian industry codes for example AvtoVAZ (unbeaten). If the Corporation "Irkut" launches an automated production line for the Yak-130 and promises to produce 5 aircraft per month, declare that they are even "Lada can not do» ©, means the aircraft and even more do not. However, this argument should be used carefully, unfortunately, after a few months when production starts, it will be more difficult to argue. But there’s always another project or plant, which has not yet started the production.
Even more convenient, this method when discussing the plans for the construction of large projects such as nuclear power plants, large factories.
In this case, the training of construction, design, commissioning, etc. occupy 2 to 3-5 years. Throughout this period, you can compare with impunity future project AvtoVAZ — the method works perfectly. The problems that you will remember your words — does not exist, there are objective data you are banned by ip much earlier, even in the most tolerant forum.
3.4 In the case of the discussion of the defense-industrial complex comparison with VAZ not as effective. Unfortunately alive witnesses of the Soviet era, who are aware of the achievements of the Soviet defense industry with disgusting as the Soviet "Muscovites" and "Lada".
In this case, the method of discussion, it is desirable to translate the timing of construction. Construction of a large modern ship in 5-7 years, the design and testing of any complex weapons systems from 5 to 10 years. Perfect occasion to prove ineffective and "degradation" of the Soviet defense industry.
Again, beware of comparison with foreign counterparts. If, however, your opponent will say that the fighter F-35 is being developed since 2000, and will be produced commercially only since 2017, when the program does not shut down immediately and stop the discussion and move on to the next step.
3.5 If something is built in Russia, developed or sold for export, they do so only for the sake of cutting. Russian weapons are buying only for bribes all over the world, even if it costs five times cheaper than the U.S. or European counterpart. In this case, kickbacks and cuts reach 90% of the cost. The question of the cost of such weapons should be avoided.


PS. It seems that this technology on the forums have long used gosdepovskie filth.

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