Ascon — a Russian developer of CAD

Despite the fact that many worthy CAD (AutoCAD, SolidWorks, CATIA) developed in the West, however, Russian programmers have, the answer — a program KOMPAS-3D. However, one COMPASS `th line of products is not limited to: the same system has LOTSMAN and verticals. These systems are widely used in the Russian design and manufacture.

COMPASS automatically generates associative views three-dimensional models (including incisions sectional cutaway, local species, species of the arrow to break species). All of them are associated with the model: changes in the model lead to a change in the image in the drawing.

Standard types are built automatically in the projection of communication. The data in the drawing title block (symbol, name, weight) are synchronized with the data from the three-dimensional model.

There are a large number of additional libraries to the system KOMPAS that automate a variety of specialized tasks. For example, a library of standard products can enhance ready standard items in three-dimensional assembly (fasteners bearing pipeline elements, wedges, seals) and graphic symbols to the drawings, the standard elements (refer to holes), enabling them to task parameters.

The main components of the "Compass-3D» — actually three-dimensional modeling system, a universal CAD system KOMPAS-Graphic design and module specifications.

The system of "Compass-3D» is intended for creating three-dimensional associative models of individual parts and assembly units containing both original and standardized structural elements. The parametric technology allows quickly obtaining models for typical products basing on a once designed prototype. Numerous service functions facilitate the solution of auxiliary problems of design and production.

A key feature of the "Compass-3D» is to use their own mathematical core and parametric technologies developed by ASCON specialists.

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