Aspen. Resilient Ilf and Petrov got it earlier than many

After all, the logical conclusion from the description concerns the citizens of "large" and "small" worlds in one of the chapters of the "Golden Calf" is clear: you can be happy regardless of affiliation to one of them. [Cut] In football, too, there is a "large" and "small" worlds. The inhabitants of the latter, most likely, will never play in the Champions League and hardly go out on the field in the national team shirt. But this does not prevent some of them gain the respect of most fans of different teams (in the "small" world, it is even more valuable adoration in the days of big wins perishable), and only the fans and the home team are ready at all times to wear them on your hands. Captain "Rostov" Michael Osinov recognized PFL best player of the first division of the 2008 season, just the latest. And although most of his career was far from the battle for medals and titles, hardly anyone dare to call it inconspicuous. After all, in the reckoning Aspen for the "little" little world football is no hint of an insult. Not least because he’s one of those talents not just once or twice allowed to move to the "big" (at least on the national standards) world. For example, two years ago at linebacker, "Rostov" claimed Capital "Locomotive", then a taste of European competition has not forgotten. And that’s when the captain Rostovites was perhaps the closest to the care of which has already become a truly native command. In any case, a preliminary contract with "Ruby" was already signed. But in the end Osinov still remained in Rostov and not from the fans deserve the slightest reproach renegade, despite the disappointing outcome of the season — the last place in the Premier League with just two wins. Because really someone who, while he was Osinov to blame the least. Before the start of the 2008 season 33-year-old midfielder, by his own admission, no options outside of the "Rostov" is not considered. And overestimate its merit is that a year later the club back to the Premier League, will not work if they wanted to. In the 38 matches of the championship Osinov scored 16 goals — the result is more than impressive for a "opornika" in the interests of the team turned-winger. A new record for the number of first division matches without defeat (the first "Rostov" lost only after the 24th round, partly atone for the fans for the identical lose-lose streak in the Premier League a year earlier) will remain in his career one of the nice artifacts, along with reaching the final of the Cup of the country in 2003. Does he now regrets that at the time was in the "Rostov"? In the soul of man is not proniknesh, but probably did not. Incapable person to walk on the wrong, in his view, track, go for it the same brisk pace. And Aspen is just doing great. But do not take comfort in conventional wisdom "that is done — all for the better" (if only because no one knows how it would have been a different scenario), namely not to regret the decisions taken personally — it is also an inherent quality of a strong man .

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