Aspen: the Premier League to be nicer

"Growth" at the beginning of the new century became famous as one of the most likable teams, the game which regularly forced fans to fill the stands, "Olympus 2", the 2007 season did serious damage to his reputation because of relegation to the First Division. However, the failure of the team changed the triumphant return to the Premier League, where Rostovites will restore his reputation and regain the trust of the fans, as well as the old regalia. The responsibility for carrying out such a difficult task will be responsible not only for the head coach, but the club’s captain Michael Aspen for which the impending season will be the ninth in the Rostov team. [Cut] [b] — Do you know what your name is in the press on the list of players who can change the residence club in the winter transfer window? [/ B] — (Udivlenno.) Come nobody addressed the proposal to move to another club . And what are the clubs in mind? [B] — While the figures only Permian "Amkar". [/ B] — You know, the option of "Amkar" really was. However, a long time ago, back in 2008. Now I know that I must pass three collection with the club, whose contract expires at me only a year. So I do not get distracted by these rumors, but nothing is going to deny it, because in our lives do not have to speak with confidence about the future. I, for one, and in "Chicago" was accidental. Moved to this team for four days prior to the event. [B] — Now you have to spend in the ninth season of "growth", which will probably become one of the most difficult for the team … [/ b] — indeed, much in the Premier League I will be much more pleasant than in the first division. In this regard, the new season looking forward with much anticipation. As to the degree of difficulty for the upcoming championship team, as you have noticed, I spend in "Chicago" ninth season, and thus had already come to terms with major annual changes in the composition. I think we are well prepared for the start of the championship. [B] — Watched personnel changes during the holidays? [/ B] — The composition of the club annually undergoes significant changes, and in their vacation I prefer not to keep track of personnel changes. Newspapers at the time I try not to read it because now familiar with only one change — as far as we know, the club has acquired the rights to the Roman Lengyel. In general, the boys and I have not seen, because only 9 January came from the United Arab Emirates, where vacationing with his family. Unfortunately, the club suffered a charter flight, and I am on the first collection I’ll be a little late. [B] — Some experts admire the Korean game Legionnaire "growth" Hong Yong Jo, which still remains a mystery to most journalists. What are the impressions left work together with this player? [/ B] — It is evident that he is a very sociable guy, but the language barrier prevents us to communicate normally. However, after every joke Hong always happy smiles and tries to say a few phrases in English. As for his professionalism, he still must say its word in the Russian championship. [B] — Representatives of North and South Korea’s Choi Min Ho and Oh Beom Seok campaigning for Samara "Wings" for political reasons at first unwilling to sit down together at one table. You have observed such manifestations of "party" by the Hong? [/ B] — In general, this communist regime of North Korea is indeed paramount in his life. If they say to run 24 hours a day — the guy will run around … However, despite these circumstances, Hong remains a very interesting man, whose contribution to the success of the team last season, is quite large. [B] — Question strengthen the team is central to this campaign dozayavochnuyu or collective, who won the tournament the first division last year, the leadership is able to fulfill the assigned tasks? [/ B] — In general, if we talk about goals for the season, the official goal of the team next year — hit the mark. But, in my opinion, "growth", simply to keep a place in the Premier League for the 2010 season. The number of acquisitions in the off-season is the prerogative of the first head coach of the club, but the need for quality amplification — an undeniable fact in the current environment. After the first division in a number of components vary with the Premier League. And it’s not just about completely different speeds, but also on the level of football in general. However, I am not in any way belittle the level of the first division, which has grown significantly in comparison to previous seasons. [B] — Do not fear that the presence of "growth" in the minor league will not be limited to one year? [/ B] — I was sure of 90 percent in the return of the team to the elite, but was well aware: if you do not leave the First Division in the first year, can get stuck in this hole for a long time. [B] — Do you believe in the mystical influence of the first division? [/ B] — Examples of how the club sucked in the first league, a huge amount. The same "Uralmash" for which I performed in 1995, leaving the top flight and could not get back. [B] — A busy schedule of games of the first division and regular flights certainly not allow you to fully enjoy the football? [/ B] — For me, this order is the best work: I like to play through the third day and I feel during this schedule is normally. On the other hand, a large number of flights, of course, is reflected on the state of the body, and sometimes simply unsettling. [B] — Oleg Dolmatov gave players a training program during the holidays? [/ B] — I know that many Russian clubs coaches are practicing this training players in vacation time, but we have no tests are not distributed to the coaching staff. Of course, I tried to maintain a normal state through training, but without a specific course itself, as they say, "herded" (smiles). Although for a few days running around the 6-7 km. [B] — With a rich experience of football know the approximate amount of stress on the first collection? [/ B] — On the charges laid at least a foothold in the entire first round of the championship, so will work up a sweat. The first collection — exclusively physical work … [b] — Players on the eve of the first collection like prior to entering the military unit firmly: "After seven to nine days, it will be easier" … [/ b] — (Laughs) Yes, during this entire collection is rest. Immediately remember how good it was in December. [B] — Remember the last time you filled the home stadium of the team? [/ B] — In the first division of this event was recorded only in the derby with the SKA, but we obviously want to see again filled the stands. In the first league I sometimes go out to play against teams whose names are recognized at the same time. Now the situation is completely different — resist the "growth" will be clubs of the highest level, the matches which fans will want to come.

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