Aspen: thinking about retirement I drive away

Club patriotism now out of fashion in the Premier League a little syschesh players who continue to be loyal to his team for many years. Among them is 33-year-old and captain of "growth" Michael aspen. How many temptations he had nine years to change the bank of the Don to Kiev, Moscow and Kazan, but he remained, no regrets. About communicating with the bandits, a tournament named after his father, chants and personal dispute on BMW Osinov told the weekly "Football". [Cut] [quote] [b] Michael Svyatoslavovych aspen [/ b] Date of Birth: November 8, 1975. Place of birth: pos. Artie (Sverdlovsk region). Citizenship: Russia. Height — 180 cm, weight — 77 kg. Position: Midfielder. Playing career: "Miner" Kachkanar — 1993, "Uralets" Nizhny Tagil — 1994-1995, "Uralmash" Ekaterinburg — 1996-1997, "Maccabi" Tel Aviv, Israel — 1997-1998, "Rotor" Volgograd — 1998-2000 "Rostselmash" Rostov-on-Don — 2001-2002, "Rostov" Rostov-on-Don — from 2003. Achievements: Cup finalist Russia — 2002 — 2003, the winner of the First Division — 2008, the best footballer in the first division according to the PFL — 2008. [/ Quote] [b] AUTOGRAPH BESTA [/ b] four-day vacation, courtesy of the players, "growth", came for a family of aspen can be very useful, because they have been preparing children for school. Michael went into it in good spirits after scoring the winning goal against CSKA Moscow, which became his first of the season. But for fans scored goals Aspen is not important. More importantly, when "growth" has taken off in the first division, he stayed and helped the club to come back for the year, guaranteeing himself a future title of the legend of the club. — Legend — a very big word — modest Michael aspen. — But if a person favors one team for decades, of course, his name will be on everyone’s lips. After finishing his playing career even considered a legend, and now, I think it’s absurd. — Why, in Rostov popularity Aspen has long been increased too? — You know, if you were asking about someone else, I might say something, but about himself somehow ugly talk. Of course, I feel sure I was aware of. When you walk down the street, often recognized. Win — you love and praise, take pictures with you, but how you lose — you have to get, to listen. Usually just me and express: that Mish, how is it, Gather yourselves together, you can. You stand — you listen. What to do? — Personal chants have already got? — Yes, in the past year, it is often chanted. In this — only with CSKA heard. What’s in it? Oh, it is so long that I do not know. Disassembled about Aspen and its "star." — The burden of fame does not stop? — It depends on the person. On the one hand, it’s great that you’re popular. On the other, it happens anywhere with the family quietly not get anywhere, but I’m not complaining. This has more pluses than minuses. — Fans often give anything. What’s the most memorable gift from them? — Three years ago, before the match was given seven foot teddy bear with scarf and cap "growth". Why the bear? Probably because I’m Misha. And where are they just took it? — You said that the growth — this is your city. Before the end of a career here or foot? — Of course, with this city, I relate very much. Here, my daughter was born, the son went to school. After a career I plan to stay here. But this year I’m running term of the agreement with the "growth", and I feel the strength to continue playing. If I offered to stay, it’s good. Otherwise, I’m not going until the end with football. — In the town of Artie, where they were born, often go? — It turns out only during the holidays, that is, in November or December. My mom lives there. Pope, unfortunately, was not seven years ago, but now every year I spend in Arti-day mini-football tournament in his name among fans. Going about 15-20 teams. I know that this tournament would have expected. — And what kind of prizes? — I try to please the top three monetary reward. As for the tournament comes a lot of kids, I buy for forty pies, so they were treated. Naturally, there are medals and cups. — That is the love of football father instilled in you? — Yes, of course he did not achieve great results, but at his level he played well. I think his genes and I convey. Since I can remember, has always been in our house balls and cups. My father used to go to Moscow and once brought me an autograph of George Best. I have a picture where they are both worth embracing. Such a memory! Especially now, when the father is not. — Town-forming enterprises Artie is a mechanical plant. Themselves for the machine represented? — No, it did not stand behind him even once. Although the plant visited more than once, because the majority of the population works there. I know that now, some shops do not function as well as throughout the country, but the people there continue to work hard. — By the way, what would have become, will not be in football? — Complicated question, and I’ve thought about it. I will say this. Well, that was all over it like it is, and I became a football player. [B] EUROCUPS in Rostov — ABSURD [/ b] In the current season, "Rostov" discovered his toothy character, losing only six games out of twenty. In this case, the southerners have already beaten two UEFA Cup holders — CSKA and "Zenith" and champion of Russia "Ruby." For Southerners such a result in part was a surprise, but European competition in Rostov not dreaming, remembering how the players underestimated their army, for which he paid twice already. — If at the beginning of the season we were told that we will achieve such results, everyone would be happy — recognized aspen. — Unfortunately, the teeth and the nature of us are missing out on all the matches. You look at the outcome of games with leaders and think it would be great if all the contestants of "growth" is one of them. It’s nice that, again beating CSKA Moscow, we have proved the randomness of their success in Moscow match. Yes, that implements the Army team at least one time, we would have hard, but they did not. And we got lucky. — What CSKA annoy you so? — Yes, nothing like that. Especially given three points for a win over any team. We wanted to climb higher in the table to the first time over the last few years do not look at her bottom and not to consider points of outsiders. But I think we underestimated the favorites. Here’s an example. Before the start of the match against CSKA Moscow players command an army in the field talking directly to us, saying that we have now, "Bakhnov." Who is it? I will not name names. But it turned out 2-1 in our favor. Score another penalty our boy, it would be even more. I was a little surprised by such statements. Yes, we play, maybe a little worse, but one game can give very good. I was pleased that at that meeting, giving CSKA 0:1, we did not break down, and continued to play our own game and succeed. — For players holy word — bonus. In matches with the leaders they raised? — Not always. Sometimes someone comes into the locker room of leadership and announce additional premium in the event of victory, but before the game against CSKA Moscow was not like this. — Earlier in Rostov thought, it does not fly out. Now the idea of European competition? — What do you mean? What European Cups! It’s absurd. Do not miss this game with us, "Terek" and "Spartak" Nalchik, you could still have something to say. Yes, I want to play in Europe, but it is too early to speculate about it. — Fix the character "growth" has helped last year won the first division in the chopper? — I believe that the first division should take every player. Speaking in it, you know how to cherish the Premier League. And then you fly across Russia, and it is so big, it turns out. Forei
gners always ask, "Well, how can fly there?" Earth we have a lot. — Place in the top ten executives will arrange or summer you are redirected? — At first there was talk that it would be nice to put a serious purpose, but after 3-4 unsuccessful meetings, they have disappeared by themselves. So now try the "top ten." [B] CHARACTER OF CANINE HONG Yong-Jo [/ b] Unlike Valery Klimov, who this season has voluntarily parted in "Tommy" with the captain’s armband, aspen is in no hurry to do so, noting that for him to execute the command post of honor not work and pride. It is interesting that Michael is a captain for five years and despite the setbacks experienced by the club at the time, never allowed himself to harsh words for partners or management. [B] The full version of the article read in the weekly "Football" № 37 on sale from September 11. [/ B]

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