Assassinate Iranian scientists last: Officer killed in Natanz uranium enrichment center

Assassinate Iranian scientists continue: Officer killed in Natanz uranium enrichment center

Against the backdrop of strained relations between Western countries and Iran and the scandal surrounding the nuclear programs from Iran in Tehran on the famous scientist assassinated. In the north of the capital Iran January 11 afternoon car was blown up. It was at the time of the terrorist attack, Mustafa Ahmadi Roshan, a member of Iran's uranium enrichment center.

Attempt been made in the area of Handan-Sayed, near the Institute named Alem Tabatabai about 8:00 am local time. Witnesses said the unknown rider magnetic bomb was attached to the bottom of the car doctor sends Newsru Israel.

Roshan died as a result of the terrorist attack, two more people who were in the car were hospitalized with injuries of varying severity, reported Fars. According to the Associated Press, two, from taking place in the car died.

A. Roshan, despite its '32 — a very young age for a scientist — was already a doctor at Tehran Institute of Technology. They were also involved in one of the senior positions in the Iranian nuclear center in the town of Natanz. In this center, according to the IAEA, held its uranium enrichment activities. Mehr news agency reported, despite the fact that Roshan In 2002 he graduated from the Technological Institute, "Chemical Engineering", they produced at Natanz Acting Deputy Director of the Commercial Department. In general, media Iran later clarified that Ahmadi Roshan was a director.

Iranian media have pointed out that the terrorist attack that occurred on Wednesday, did the other day, the second anniversary of the death of Massoud Ali Mohammadi, Dr. Tehran Institute of Technology. In November 2010, did attempt by scientists Majid Shahriari and Fereydoon Abbasi. Abbasi managed to survive, and now he leads the company on nuclear energy.

In a military facility, located 40 km from Tehran in November of last year, a massive explosion. The victims of the explosion were Major General Hassan Tehrani Moghaddam, and 20 officers of the Revolutionary Guards. The authorities said that the unfortunate incident occurred during transport of ammunition, but other sources say that the state of emergency came during a test of an intercontinental missile. In late November, an explosion occurred at the plant to enrich uranium, which is located in Isfahan.

In December 2011, as an explosion at a factory in Yazd. There. According to unconfirmed reports, produced centrifuges used to enrich uranium.

By assumption, the Iranian authorities responsible for accidents at nuclear sites in the country, as for the cyber attacks, is on the United States and its allies. Iranian authorities have blamed them in the hunt for scientists Iran.

In the murder of Roshan accused Israel. And that's about it Brattle said Safar Ali, who served as deputy governor of Tehran province. His words are quoted by local news agencies. According to the views of the bureaucrat, Israel, killing physicists want to stop Iran's nuclear program there, and destabilize the situation in the state.

Iranian experts say that in all cases the death of scholars performers were motorcyclists "Mossad", dressed in dark. About the involvement of special services for the elimination of Israel and Roshan says Richard Silverstein, a recognizable South American blogger. Blogger, as in other similar cases cited their own reliable sources from the Israeli military and political establishment.

At the current time, official information about who is responsible for the attacks on the physicists do not.

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